Friday, May 29, 2015


Here's my last post for May, so, lets take a look at a few cool posters I've compiled to get your juices flowing, here at The Dungeon!..

There were a number of great posters created for FRANKENSTEIN in 1931, I like this one especially because of the wild contortions of Frankie's body!

This is an interesting foreign poster from 1941's THE WOLF MAN with Lon Chaney as the man.

Love this poster showing Rondo with hypnotic electric eyes in HOUSE OF HORRORS from 1946. I'll be reviewing this movie next month, it also stars Martin (THE FLESH EATERS) Kosleck.

Here's an interesting poster for the silent serial THE HOUSE OF TERROR from 1928, remember, there was no Motion Picture Production Code until 1934, which lasted until 1954. Boobs were popularly exploited items before that.

This is a nice RKO poster for MEXICAN SPITFIRE SEES A GHOST from 1942, it starred Tarzan's real wife, the very wild gal, Lupe Valez.

We also love those bad girls at the Dungeon, this poster for PICKUP in 1951 sez it all!

I mean, like, is this the coolest poster for TARGET EARTH in 1954 or what?! Those pinchers look absolutely terrifying, but, thing is, the pinchers on the robots in the movie were small and goofy looking! Also, there was only one robot made for the production. Looks like a lot of bait and switch going on here...

Here's a really nice poster for Universal's THE MOLE PEOPLE from 1956 with good old Dungeon Hero John (HAND OF DEATH) Agar.

This Japanese poster for THEM! in 1954 looks great, the monsters are very creepy looking.

Check out this awesome foreign poster for 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH from 1957. What's interesting to me is that the poster says... 30 MILLION KILOMETERS TO EARTH!

HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND from 1960 had a number of eye catching posters, like this one! I used to have the 1-sheet from this fun flick.

Honestly, this 1-sheet from THE CREEPING TERROR in 1957 has got to be one of the worst, kitschiest posters in the history of posters, unbelievable!! But, better be ready to pay big bucks if you'd like to collect one of these suckers!

Look at this odd poster for DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS in 1965, has a comic book feel.

Here's a nice 2-color foreign poster for the very creepy ISLAND OF TERROR from 1966.

We'll end with this very classy Mexican poster for EL MEDICO DE LAS LOCAS in 1956. Tune in tomorrow for our last post in May!

**Check out OttoBud's comment for corrections to this post..


Dr. Theda said...

Cool Collection of poster art... some of these we have seen ... never saw the "Dr. Terror..." poster (of that design) before....

Lacey said...

Thank you for the post.
I always love seeing American films sold to domestic audiences. The advertising has to be changed to attract the local customers and you get a better feel for the different cultures. What do the local people find interesting in a movie?

ottobud said...

Cool posters, thanks for posting. Just a couple of corrections, though:

THE CREEPING TERROR was made in 1964 (not 1957) and was never released theatrically. It first showed up in one of those TV movie packages in the mid-70's. It never had a one-sheet poster; what you're showing is a fan-made poster for a pirate DVD release.

The poster of DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS you included was not for the 1965 Amicus film but rather the famously "lost" roadshow film of the same name from 1943, which was made up of clips from other films like THE GOLEM, VAMPYR and WHITE ZOMBIE.


TABONGA! said...

Thanks OB - It's hard for us to know everything and we appreciate you taking the time to get the facts straight..

ottobud said...

No problem at all, TABONGA! I'm cursed with this knowledge, what can I say? :)

I love your blog and read it all the time. Keep it up!


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