Wednesday, May 20, 2015


 I was going through some olde junk the other day looking for something to put on eBay, when I found this list of movie titles I made when I was in high school! It was a definitive list of Sci-Fi and Horror films I had seen up to that point on my journey to see every film ever made in those genres! It's all thrills and no frills!

It looks like I started listing them by character at first, Frankenstein movies, Vampire movies, Mummy movies etc!

Typewriters were obviously a lot more difficult to make corrections on than computers!

Still trying to keep things in categories, an effort that was doomed from the start!

A lot of these movies I saw on TV! We had a very limited amount of stations back then, like five! My grandmother used to get the L.A. Times newspaper, and every time we'd go visit, I'd look at the TV guide section of the paper, and drool over how many cool movies were playing every Saturday night on Los Angeles TV stations! We were lucky to get to see one on a weekend!

Most of these movies we've written about, but there are a couple on the list we still haven't gotten around to!

I don't remember why I hand wrote the last of the titles, probably just got lazy! As you can well see, using the typewriter wasn't exactly a perfect medium for me even though I could supposedly type 40 words a minute! (I think that included 30 errors a minute!) Too bad they didn't have blogs back then!!

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TABONGA! said...

I'd guess that you starting to pencil in titles had something to do with the diversion of girlfriends and the great bands in the early sixties..

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??