Saturday, May 9, 2015

A TRIBUTE TO CARL HEINZ JAFFÉ - Part Two - The Science Fiction Films

Welcome to the Dungeon Saturday Night Special, and The Films Of Carl Jaffé Part Deux! Tonight's segment focuses on Carl's Sci-Fi films, and is once again brought to you courtesy of his Grandson Michael! But before we delve into the films, here are a couple of shots from The Spotlight Casting Directory!

Here's Carl as a suave but mysterious character from his listing in the 1939 Directory!

And here's the photo from his listing in the 1963 directory in the category of Character Men and Comedians! 

Two of Carl Jaffé's earliest excursions into Science Fiction films were "The Atomic Man," in  1955, and .....

......"Satellite In The Sky" in 1956!!

Next was "The Electronic Monster," aka "Escapement," from 1958, where Carl has the role of the strange Dr. Hoff. This original scan is courtesy of the Jaffé archive owned by Michael  Jaffé'!

"This image is a scan of the ORIGINAL bromide photo, not a printed repro as used in "The Electronic Monster" poster!" - Michael Jaffé

Next up is the classic "First Man Into Space" from 1959!
"Sometimes Carl did get a credit!"

"And sometimes his image just got used!"

Michael says "Here's a great still from "First Man Into Space,"... there are others similar to this around online (most of which I also have) but you won't find THIS one!"

"You're not likely to have seen this iconic still before either!"

"In Germany "First Man Into Space" was released as "Rakete 510" and this is the film programme for it."

"Curiously enough, an extreme likeness of Carl appears to have been used on the front cover of a 20 film DVD compilation set...!"

In 1967, Carl was in "Battle Beneath The Earth" as a Dr. Galissi.

Lastly, here is a great production still of Carl as Dr. Galissi, with Kerwin Mathews as Commander Jonathan Shaw!

 I'll just wrap this up with this nice double portrait of Michael Jaffé holding a portrait taken of Carl by Carl's friend, the German modernist photographer Mr. Hans Casparius! Keep your eyes open for the whole story as written by Michael some time soon, because it will surely be a fascinating tale! I'll keep you posted!!


TABONGA! said...

Thanks again Michael, great stuff - THE FIRST MAN INTO SPACE is one of my all time favorite movies and watch it in style with my Criterion double bill DVD set that includes ATOMIC SUBMARINE... I'm in heaven!!

Anonymous said...

Hi TABONGA! - ooohhh I say jolly good show my dear fellow (oh please excuse me is that English enough for you?!) - anyway thrilled you like the film so much and FYI for you (and your viewers' amusement:

have a look at the picture ABOVE the "Profressor with Microscope" image in the posting. The rare film still shows Carl Jaffé holding the arm of the lead star Marshall Thompson; most people of a certain age know him as Dr. Marsh Tracy from the hugely popular "Daktari" TV series from 1960s; so far so what? - BUT:

Marshall has a Grandson; Jackson - who is also an accomplished actor. I traced him and sent him the same pix; he wrote me back thanking me as he hadn't known of this connection!!! - am hoping to find a way to meet JM and perhaps recreate a DIFFERENT scene ( ) which I am sending the pic to Eegah!! - you will see why THAT could be quite something...! Enjoy...

Warm regards from... The Professor in London England...

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