Friday, May 15, 2015

HARRY THOMAS - Hollywood Monster Maker

It's time to pay some attention to Mr. Harry Thomas, another Monster Maker that did a ton of cool stuff during his career. His name may not be that well known, but his work is. I read an article on Harry in FILMFAX Magazine in the late nineties, I loved it because he had such great stories about the low budget productions he worked on...

Here are four posters from a few of the movies he worked on, some real classics. I noticed in the MISSILE TO THE MOON poster that both the women look like Sanita Pelkey's character, maybe because she was the prettiest of all the Moon Girls!

And, here's our hard working man in a photo late in his career, Harry worked in film from 1936-78 with 99 Makeup Department credits... What a guy!

In 1951 Harry was brought in to create the makeup for the little guys for SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE-MEN which was edited for the 2 episode TV story in THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.

Look at this devil makeup for GLEN OR GLENDA in 1953, pretty wild, huh? Harry said that correctly lighting his creations was the key to their on screen eeriness.

Here's Robert (INVADERS FROM MARS) Shayne as Professor Groves changing into THE NEANDERTHAL MAN also from 1953, Harry said that he was very disappointed in this production because the producers would not allow him to take the time to light the monster correctly...

Harry also did the makeup on Tandra (MESA OF LOST WOMEN) Quinn, the housekeeper for Groves who he's experimenting on with his special throwback serum.

I had to throw this shot in, it's only shown for a flash, but, this is supposed to be the saber-tooth tiger that Groves created using his serum on a small cat!

Then in 1954, Harry came up with the bright idea to use ping pong balls for the alien eyeball makeup in KILLERS FROM SPACE. As filmmakers ourselves, we love 30 cent props!

In 1957 Harry was brought in to create the mutants in the cellar and do Sally (FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER) Todd's creepy makeup for the production of THE UNEARTHLY.

Harry was also responsible for both the makeup for Sandra (THE TERROR) Knight and the monster played by Harry (UNKNOWN ISLAND) Wilson who is supposed to be the Sally Todd character after she was run over by Olive Frank in 1958's FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER.

Harry did a lot of work for Ed Wood, I think Vampira did her own makeup but Harry did the makeup job on Tor (BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS) Johnson for PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE in 1959.

Also in 1959 he worked on Ed's NIGHT OF THE GHOULS, doing the makeup on Lobo, which is pretty creepy. Ed could not afford to make the film prints but Wade Williams was responsible for finishing and releasing it in the 1980's.

Harry also worked on Roger Corman's THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS in 1960.

In 1966 (the year Eegah!! and I graduated from high school) Harry did the makeup for this poor guy that got too close to one of the killer plants in THE NAVY vs. THE NIGHT MONSTERS.

Harry was also showcased in this article in one of the many Monster Mags that we collected. Hope you enjoyed this little post, we just love those creative monster makers from vintage Hollywood. Tune in tomorrow when we'll pull something out of our slimy sleeve for you!

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