Wednesday, October 30, 2013

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN - Celebrity Productions - (1934)

Well, tomorrow's the big day, and the end of the 2013 Halloween Countdown, hope you had as much fun as we did! I thought I'd end it with a timeless classic......

......So tonight's feature is a Comi Color Cartoon from 1934 based on Washington Irving's original story.........

............"The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow," aka,  "The Headless Horseman!!"

Schoolteacher Ichabod Crane is the main character in this story! He was a kindly sort, but his students were anything but 'spoiled!"

The love interest in the story is a Dutch Girl named Katrina Van Tassel!

The guy on the left is Ichabod's nemesis in the field of love and romance Brom Van Brunt, Brom being short for Abraham! His nick name is Brom Bones, and Brom is to Ichabod what Bluto was to Popeye, a perennial pain in the ass! As you can see, there's no love lost between these two!
Interesting choice of words!

Just like the olde adage about men, I guess the best way to a Dutch girl's heart is through her stomach!

The joint was jumping and everybody was having a good time!

Brom has less than kind thoughts concerning his feelings for Ichabod!

Meanwhile Katrina is playing them both for fools, and really has her heart set on hooking up with Clark Gable!

Going home Ichabod gets the bejeezus scared out of him by a hideous headless ghost that you just have to assume is Brom!

With Ichabod out of the picture, Brom wastes no time in seducing Katrina and asking for her hand in marriage........BUT what's that, the shadow of some ghostly spectre?

Icky gets the last laugh!!

I counted about 10 "Headless Horseman" movies, cartoons, and TV shows that are out there including this 1976 Scooby-Doo adventure, "The Headless Horseman Of Halloween," and there's also something like another 9 versions that have been made from "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow!"

Little known fact: In Mexico during the celebration of  the "Dia De Los Muertos" they give out Jalaweeño Peppers to all the kids!


Caffeinated Joe said...

I am sure I saw this as a kid, looks fun! Hope you have a great Halloween!

Eegah!! said...

Thanx Joe, you too!!

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