Saturday, October 12, 2013

FIREBALL FUN - FOR - ALL - June Johnson - "Halloween Queen" (1949)

For this Saturday Night Special segment of the 2013 Halloween Countdown I saved this bit from Johnson and Olsen's 1949 TV variety show called "Fireball Fun - For - All" and this little ditty called "Halloween Queen!"

"There seems to be a slight discrepancy regarding Halloween, there's something oh, so wrong about it, but I can see right through the mystery regarding Halloween! Irving Berlin never wrote a song about it!"

"Jack O lanterns grinnin' and ghosts made of linen, it's Halloween, time for apple dunkin', those old gobblers cluckin', it's Halloween!

"Hey Junie, you're the gal we sing blues for!" Junie was June Johnson, Chic Johnson's daughter!

As you'll hear in the sound clip, June does what might be considered a very early precursor to rap! And indeed, she WAS the "Queen Of Halloween!"

Olsen and Johnson were so wacky, I always thought they misnamed this show! It was such a no holds barred affair, it really should have been called "Fireball Free - For - All!" Ok, we're almost halfway to the big day, so don't forget to vote for your own personal Halloween Queen before some zombie makes your mind up for you!

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