Friday, November 1, 2013

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - "Forever....Forever....Forever" (1971)

First things first, big kudos to John and Shawn over at the Halloween Countdown site for once again hosting this year's countdown, it's always fun! Thanx again guys! So, Halloween might be over, but the terror down in The Dungeon continues! Tabonga just let me know his computer crashed, so we switched nights again! With any luck, he'll be back on Saturday! So, that means it's time to pull something out of my proverbial caveman crack for your perusal!!

Tonight's feature is a movie I've had sitting here on the top shelf for quite some time now! I've had quite the problem pulling the trigger on this one, but as fate would have it, here we go! All right one of you buggs get over there and push that big red go button over there by the nuclear ashtray, and let's get just a small taste of what this movie's all about! "Diamonds Are Forever"

I made some great tacos tonight! Boil up some shrimp in some beer, cayenne pepper and some celery salt, and after they cool off, mix them up with some diced tomato, a diced jalapeño pepper, a small diced carrot, some cilantro, a diced shallot, a couple of cubed avocados with some lime juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper to taste ! Chill it for a while, and stuff some corn tortillas with a little lettuce, and you're rockin'! Trust me on this one!

For my money, "Diamonds Are Forever" is the closest James Bond movie to look like it was an adaptation of a comic book! Dare I say it about a James Bond movie? It's just silly! Look, there's a bubble in the mud encrusted gun!

Here's a great shot of Sean Connery as James Bond! For me, James Bond movies stopped after Sean Connery stepped down!

Here's what has supposedly happened to one of James Bond's arch enemies, Blofeld!

Nice shot of co-star Jill St. John as as the brilliantly named Tiffany Case!

If I was going to run a caption contest, this would be one of the photos I'd use! I don't know what it is, but this shot cracks me up!

With the look of a Cheshire cat on his face, James is picked up by this bunch of bozos!

These two are Blofeld's main henchmen! Comic book, no doubt!

I just wish smoking in bed was cool again! I just wish smoking was cool again, but alas, it's truly a dirty nasty habit, and I can guarantee you that even a beautiful woman like Jill St. John can still have some funky ass breath!

Okay, this is a fashion statement I can find no reasonable rationale for, or even unreasonable really!

Truly great shot, but definitely looks like it came out of a comic book!

Whoa!!!! My how the Las Vegas skyline has changed! This really looks like science fiction!

Oh, Wow! Great shot of a Mach I Mustang!

So high tech, it's almost unbelievable! Three phones? Are you kidding?

Now this is one seriously classic shot of Sean Connery as James Bond!

Bond's run-in with these two trained martial arts gals is one of the more interesting aspects of the film!

"Big Bad John" Jimmy Dean might make some decent sausage, but as a viable character in a James Bond  movie? Comic book!!!

I like this shot a lot!

I like Jill St. John's outfit in the end of the movie a lot too!



Grant said...

This movie is entertaining, but I always wonder how it would be if Jill St. John had played a COMPLETELY devious character, as opposed to that "unwilling helper of the villain" kind of role. Of course, she'd already done that in THE LIQUIDATOR and the first BATMAN episode, and the Bond movies had already had several all-out villainess characters, but it still would've been entertaining. (Sort of like the great Fiona character in THUNDERBALL, only with an "innocent act" thrown in.)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Yeah, I think you're onto something there Grant!

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