Friday, October 11, 2013

ALIEN FACTOR 2: The Alien Rampage / Don Dohler - 2001

It's Friday Fright with Tabonga, here at The Halloween Countdown Dungeon 2013!.. Firstly, if you remember Don Dohler's THE ALIEN FACTOR from 1978, you'd know what to expect with any of his ten movies. They were all fairly amateurish low budget productions, this one is no exception. At least though, his monsters and stories were interesting enough, Don left Earth in his spaceship in 2006 at age 60.

Eegah!! sent over a cool little soundclip from this flick for our earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the invisible killer force field, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's an earfull of... ALIEN FACTOR 2!

At the start of the movie, two FBI agents are following an alien in her Porsche! After she runs into the woods, this agent decides to climb over a fallen tree rather than ducking under it while chasing her!

The agents catch up with her and she goes into, like, hibernation. Then, they find a strange device she has in her possession.

Here's a glance of the rampaging alien... Hmmm, doesn't really look that much like the monster in the poster, does it?

The alien turns on a warping force field that surrounds a large area in the country. Oh yeah, it'll fry you if you're just stupid enough to touch it!

A hippie pad gets invaded by the force field. Flick was filmed in the Baltimore area.

Far out, man!..

I give up, a thermos full of milk?..

At the doctor's office, the female alien communicates by grabbing the throat of the nurse, then, everyone (including the viewer) gets filled in on the skinny! The sheriff is the gal on the right.

The rampaging alien goes into town and deep sixes a big pile o' people! Dude has a silly look on his face for just being shot with a laser blast!

The ship is blown to smithereens by the sheriff with a control unit that was taken out of the ship before take off... Goodnight, sweet rampaging alien!

Happy Halloween Countdown 2013, ya'll..


Unknown said...

Great post and Blog, congratulations from:

TABONGA! said...

Thanks, Oz.. Just for you!

Stephen Flacassier said...

What i always thought was strange was that while this has no real connection to the first Alien Factor film, Dohler's Nightbeast features many of the same actors from AF playing the same characters. Yet they never reference the events from AF, and at least one character killed in AF shows up in Nightbeast

TABONGA! said...

Stephen, ALIEN FIEND aka FIEND has a strange mix of those actors, too. Just ordered NIGHTBEAST and GALAXY INVADER for my collection..

Anonymous said...

I "gave" Don the title GALAXY INVADER...more precisely, he took it!

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