Saturday, October 5, 2013

L'ETRUSCO UCCIDE AN5CORA - "The Dead Are Alive" (1972)

So we've just about run out of real monster movies, so I was really looking forward to this Italian film about an Etruscan mummy, and from the looks of this poster, it's a really good one, but all I can tell you is the alternate title should have been "The Dead Are A Lie," cause that's all this movie is, one big fat lie! They lead you on like there's a cursed zombie creature running around doing all the maiming and killing, but in reality, this is just one big murder mystery soap opera!

Welcome to Day 5 of the 2013 Halloween Countdown down in The Dungeon!

TvBulletinere's an archaeological excavation and a curse!

There's a couple of dead kids right from the get go!

And there's this pair of estranged lovers played by a pair of quality actors, Samantha Eggar as Myra, and Alex Cord as Jason! Among their many, many contributions to film and TV are Samantha's role as the tormented Miranda Grey in the creepy 1965 movie, "The Collector," and Alex was the co-star of the very popular 1980's TV show, "Airwolf!" Believe it or not, Alex was stricken with polio when he was 12, but survived, and became a professional bull rider before turning to acting!

These shoes are about as important to the plot of the film as anything else!

Aw! Snoopy got a broken nose!

They keep you guessing that there's some kind of murderous monster on the loose, but there's not!

Now this a genuine Halloween kitty cat!

The fact that there's no monster doesn't stop a whole bunch of people from getting bloody!

What a strange composition! Too bad it has no meaning!

"L'etrusco Uccide Ancora" has a novel ending, it gets over, and then it's finished! Yep! That's it kids, there might not be any place to hide when the dead are alive, but you can hide almost anywhere when the dead are dead!! If you really feel a need to see this thing, then head on over to Creepster TV!


TABONGA! said...

I dig that poster -

Wings1295 said...

Ack - That poster is just amazing!

Eegah!! said...

Yeah, Awesome poster, I agree, but that's where what's good about this movie ends!

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