Saturday, October 19, 2013

THE NAKED WITCH - Larry Buchanan - "Witch Way Did She Go George?" (1961)

Hi ho all you kraazy cats and kiddies, and welcome to day 19 of The 2013 Dungeon Halloween Countdown! Tonight's phlegm, I mean film is a rather special affair called "The Naked Witch!" This no ordinary movie thank God, cause if it was, life would be pretty dang boring! The opening voiceover is done by the master Gary Owens, in his first full feature outing!

You know, sometimes fate is a funny thing! Within a week's time, I watched the movie "The Naked Witch," and it wasn't but a few days later that I received my copy of Reverend Tom Frost's new totally awesome CD "Bloody Works," and what was the name of the first song on the CD? That's right, "The Naked Witch!!!"

You can order Tom Frost's killer CD HERE for only $10.00 post paid! (Because of the almighty power of the U.S. dollar, that's about $13.00 in American money!) It's almost like stealing, and honestly, Tom's CD is a Helluva bloody lot more exciting than this movie, but that would be like splitting hairs, now wouldn't it?

This is Robert Short as the inquisitive student looking into the background of a little burg inhabited by German immigrants! Premise of movie: Big Mistake!!! This would be Robert's only ever on screen appearance!

This of course is Kirska, the last vestige of good olde downhome German hospitality! Playing Kirska is Jo Marryman! Wow, how ironic, this would be Jo Maryman's also only trip to the big screen!

The placement of a cuckoo clock on the wall seals the fact that this is a German household!

The witch is awakened from her age olde resting place by the student and she's bent on revenge! The long rest didn't really do her much good!

The witch herself is the fairly attractive and seductive Libby Hall! Libby had one more film appearance as Brenda in another low budget Larry Buchanan flick called "Common Law Wife!"

The witch is quite the little wood nymph, and has a dandy time just cavorting in the water of a small Texas lake!

The student is transfixed on this whole scene!

After offing a bunch of the locals that the witch had a long standing feud with, she does a seductive dance for the student in her boudoir, this warm and enticing cave!!

Time to drop the facade, and the clothes and get down to business!!

"The Naked Witch" is another movie that you are just lucky enough to be able to download from the Internet Archive absolutely free right about HERE!!! So that's it, download the movie, and then send $13.00 to Tom Frost and have something in your life to look forward to!


Exeter said...


It looks like she really does get naked!

Eegah!! said...

That's because she REALLY does!!

Anonymous said...

More recently, Robert Short was a pastor and author, as you can see in his obit from 2009. From the photo one can also confirm that he's indeed the same fellow from Larry Buchanan's The Naked Witch! He even wrote one bestseller: "The Gospel According to Peanuts" (1965)!

Whoda thunkit?

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