Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NIGHT OF THE COBRA WOMAN - "More Bang For Your Buck" (1972)

It's more like she sucked the life right out of this movie! Welcome to Day 16 of the 2013 Dungeon Halloween Countdown! Tonight's film is multifunctional, we get in another Year Of  The Snake film, and a  movie that personifies Halloween in The Philippines all at the same time! It's called "Night Of The Cobra Woman," and should definitely be considered venomous!

Time to once again get out that snake bite kit, you're going to need it after getting struck by this sucker!

How many movies have been made about cobra women over the years you ask? Well, in 1944 there was "Cobra Woman" starring Maria Montez, in 1955 there was "Cult Of The Cobra" featuring Dungeon fave Faith Domergue, in 1972, there was this movie "Night Of  The Cobra Woman,"  in 1976, there was "Eva Nera" (Black Cobra Woman), and in 2007 there was a video release called "Queen Cobra!" There have also been a large number of films made with the word cobra in the title, but I think that about covers all the women! There have also been films made about women and snakes that weren't cobras!

This movie is dedicated to Zilligord, El Presidente of the Joy Bang Fan Club! May his sardonic wit bless this blog again sometime in the near future! (Damn, I need a break!)

Joy's character is studying the effects of snake venom in the Philippine islands, when her boyfriend Duff comes to visit her for awhile! Joy might not look much like a rocket surgeon, but she actually quit the movies a couple of years after this movie was filmed and became a nurse!

Joy will always be remembered around here for her popcorn-chomping zombie victim performance in "Messiah Of Evil!"

So Joy's Beau Duff gets literally sucked into the cobra woman's lair! Duff was played by Roger Garrett who only has nine credits to his name, but still managed to work with some great ladies of TV and the silver screen like Elizabeth Montgomery in a "Bewitched" episode, Barbara Eden in an episode of "I Dream Of Jeannie," Jacqueline Bisset in the oddball movie "The Grasshopper," and those two beauties "Laverne and Shirley!"

Joy Bang was born Joy Wener in Kansas City, Missouri in 1945!

I give Roger Garrett a lot of credit! There's no way in bloody Hell you'd ever get me to do this scene!

The snake woman was played by Marlene Clark! Marlene was in "Beware, The Blog," "Black Mamba," "The Beast Must Die," and had a recurring role as Janet Lawson on the Redd Foxx TV series "Sanford And Son!"

Joy doesn't look all that happy to have a bunch of snakes as co-stars!

Maybe it's not snake bites at all that are affecting Duff, maybe it's the fact that he hasn't changed his shirt in two weeks! That kind of funk would make anybody break out with a skin disorder!

By no means should this film get confused with "Shitty Chitty Bang Bang!" So there you go, you get the idea! If you want to see the whole ordeal, it streams on Netflix! Gopher it!!

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zillagord said...

thanks for the dead-ication! i still love joy bang and her equine ways!

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