Friday, October 4, 2013

PIT AND THE PENDULUM / Alta Vista Productions - 1961

It's Friday Fright with Tabonga, here at The Halloween Countdown Dungeon 2013!.. We gots a great little Corman production starring our favorite fiend, Vincent Price, and, a movie that Eegah!! and I saw back in 1961 when it came out. We loved it! Roger had a $200,000 budget this time and it showed, the budget for his MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR was $28,000. Screenplay by Richard (THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN) Matheson.

Eegah!! sent over a great little soundclip for our earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the atomic slicing blade, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's an earfull of... PIT AND THE PENDULUM!

The story's about Francis Barnard, played by John Kerr, who goes to the Medina castle in Spain when he hears that his sister Elizabeth has died, she was married to Nicholas Medina, son of the sadistic torturer of the Spanish Inquisition. Nicolas tells Francis that Elizabeth has died of a rare blood disease but Francis doesn't believe him. Family physician Dr. Leon watches the drama in the background.

Nicolas starts having vivid flashback from his childhood, while hiding in shadows he actually witnessed his father torture and kill his mother for infidelity!

It's decided to open Elizabeth's coffin to determine the cause of death... Welp, looks like she was buried alive!

Nicolas thinks he's to blame, he regresses into a paranoid mess and starts wandering the underground corridors.

After Elizabeth and her lover, Dr. Leon, spill the beans to a deranged, catatonic Nicolas, taunting him, the spirit of his father seems to possess him and the tables are turned! Antony (A BUCKET OF BLOOD) Carbone plays the doctor and the beautiful Barbara (BLACK SUNDAY) Steele is Elizabeth.

When you compare these sets to the Corman flicks of the fifties, there's just no comparison!

This is the Vinnie we love!!..

Brick-a-bracka, firecracker, sis, boom, bah!.. Vinnie, Vinnie, rah, rah, rah!

Some cool graphics line the walls of the pit.

Watching Vinnie's glee is priceless!

Nicolas and the doctor end up dead, in the pit!

And, I'll just let old Edgar Allan finish up!..


Caffeinated Joe said...

Could there be a better combination? Price and Poe!

TABONGA! said...

CJ - No.

เเม่งหล่อ ใต้หล้า said...

thx gil so much

Randall Landers said...

As often pointed out, she could've freed her gag and screamed to be rescued. But it's such as horrifying ending!

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Barbara Steele (as the bird was in 1955 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Luana Anders (as the bird was in 1955 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).

Douglas McEwan said...

One of my favorite movies.

Way to class up the joint, Jervaise. Yes, let's demean these two fine actresses by ruminating about sodomizing them.

And as for how Babs Steele is now, I sat and chatted with her, face-to-face, just last year, and she looks terrific. I can't think why it slipped my mind to ask her if I could "bugger" her. Real class.

Eegah!! said...

Couldn't agree with you more Doug, guess it's time to really start moderating comments!

Anonymous said...

The scene with Price and Steele where he kisses her and promises torture and torment for her infidelity is my VERY favorite of all of the Poe/Corman flix. One of the greatest in movie history for me. Vincent and Steele are cast perfectly and are in top form.

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