Monday, July 27, 2009

MACISTE ALL'INFERNO (Maciste In Hell) - Carlo Franci - "The Witch's Curse" (1962)

Allright!!! Here we go again!! One of my favorite movies for I have no reason why, "The Witch's Curse" put some kind of spell on me back in 1962, and even after watching it again not that long ago, I still feel the same! Probably one of the best examples of WTF filming ever made! 'Sword & Sandal' genius Carlo Franci is responsible for the music! Carlo's resume reads like the text of your freshman year in high school mythology course! Stuff like "The Terror of Rome Against the Son of Hercules" and "Medusa Against the Son of Hercules" and "Goliath and the Rebel Slave" and of course "Hercules Against the Moon Men!"

It's confusing as Hell to begin with, but one thing you need to know, is the answer to the question, "Do you believe in witchcraft?"

"The women are going mad, that's my explanation!!"

So, they're burning this witch at the stake, and the next thing you know is Maciste (Also known as Hercules) is uprooting this big tree to find the entrance to Hell!! I'm really serious, WTF???

Never to have failed the 'test of strength' Kirk Morris, born Adriano Bellini, as Maciste, aka Hercules, is on a mission!!

In retrospect, I'm thinking just maybe, Hélène Chanel was one of the reasons I remember this film so well!!

Thus starts one of the greatest sequence of events ever recorded on to celluloid!

Maciste leaps!!

Maciste barely hangs on!!

Maciste flexes, and picks up a really big piece of stuff!!

Maciste grapples with the big giant! Look how small he looks compared to The Giant!! The rest of the action was just too hard and fast for me to get any good screencaps, but just let it be known, the giant goes down!!!

This whole bit with Prometheus getting eaten by the birds will mess with your psyche for a long, long time, trust me!!

Don't worry, we've just scratched the surface!!

Maciste still has to deal with this Cyclops!!

And to this day, I still haven't figured out how he managed to keep this whole herd of stampeding longhorns at bay!! What a movie!!! Just totally freakin' amazing!!!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

wow, this DOES look like a good'un!

Darfish said...

I like it! I like when the women go mad!

RODAN! said...

The giant's size is totally disturbing!

Christopher said...

great graplin' strong men..This is a pretty good one of its kind. Macheez'tay..go ta Hail

Greg Goodsell said...

This is a good, unusual film. Good luck on finding a DECENT copy. The one on Something Weird DVD is piss poor!

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