Sunday, July 26, 2009

EEGAH!! + TABONGA! ~ 1959-63, Early Years

Hello, RODAN! here, and since I get to run the show on Eegah!! + Tabonga!'s off days, it came to me that this would be the perfect time to run this little feature. I figure everyone'll get a kick out of it, so, enjoy!

Everything seemed perfectly harmless at first, meeting in the 6th grade in Mr. Altman's homeroom class.

Eventually, things started getting out of hand... If you could see, there's a dart stuck in his skull!

After Eegah!!'s mom saw these last 2 photos, she knew she had to step in and do something!

So, she bought them a make-up kit! One time they dressed up as a clown and a devil and went to a liquor store and played pinball while the drunks watched!! No kidding!

>Rufus is a lo-tech devil, if someone comes, he hides behind the board he's holding!

Tabonga!'s dad was kind enuf to snap this shot. Hey, what else is there to do in a small town that's nothing but grape vineyards, and has a stinky winery?!.. Turn into monsters, natcherly!

The picture's always better when there's a thumb in the way!

Now, you see why Eegah!! + Tabonga! are the way they are!!

Things should be back to normal tomorrow, see you then!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

this is like seeing those pictures submitted to the reader's pages of monster mags from the good ol' days of kids dressed like monsters, and you wonder who they were and what they're up to now, only it's you guys and we KNOW what you're up to, and it's awesome!(sniff)brings a tear to the eye of this monster kid...

i've always felt fortunate to be born when i was(1959)cause i got in on the tail end of the peak of monster madness but you guys had it even better, you were there for the beginning! of course, that makes you way old, but isn't it worth it? ;) i'll be there soon!

FANGS for the memories!...

Christopher said...

I think I have a few pics like that from the 60s myself..When Alice Cooper came along with love it to Death in '71 I was so glad that someone made it cool to dress up, play monster and dig rock n roll...I laugh when I think of the time I got arrested at the Safeway grocery store for stealing candy bars and tv dinners wearing earings,makeup and funky jewelry..

Darfish said...

Awww, you were such cute lil' monsters! I like the zombies on the shed pic best.
Oh P.G. they are kind of old, huh?
I was a lil' monster too. The neighbors behind our house thought something was wrong with me when I was about 7 cuz I would sit on the wall and talk to them in my monster voice, it just got worse from there. That's why I love these guys so much, they make me feel almost...well normal!

Greg Goodsell said...

Lucky you! The only thing my parents got me when I was 11 was weekly sessions with a therapist.

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