Friday, September 23, 2022


 Like I said, these trailers have a tale to tell, and it's about getting people to want to go and see the movie they're selling. Horror movies are extra thrilling for the kids, but how many times were they disappointed after watching the whole picture, like this one...

Now, this would perplex even an astronomer, so, kids were left only with their imaginations to figure out what it means. What do you think?

This sounds ominous, an unknown power radiating brilliant light, what in the heck could it be!

And it causes a brutal death, I'm getting scared, I don't want to die!

Here's the Astounding She-Monster crashing through a window, a wonderful low budget way to get the viewer's attention! Wow, she's crazy enough to do that! And what else is she capable of doing to get our attention?!

Now we know who she is, an Astounding She-Monster from space, beyond outer space, wherever the Hell that is.

This is the really scary part... There's no escape from her clutches!

Oh no, she's trying to play tag with the rest of the cast and they run away like school kids who don't want to be 'it.'

No escape from terrifying thrills, so, you'd better come and see this thing, or else!

Come and meet the Astounding She-Monster from space, beyond outer space, and shake her hand, there's a nice brutal death awaiting you!

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Monster Music
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