Friday, September 16, 2022


 It's Friday, and time for some posters from the lighter side of exploitation films, because we aim to please, here at The Dungeon!

This title is a little confusing, where's she go? I thought 'in bed' was where the action was, but I guess not in this one.

Here's one about the Prostitute Protective Society, which looks like they got a comic artist to do the poster. It looks like the girls are rubbed out when they don't pay the boss!

What a deal, you buy the drinks and they do the rest. Just my luck, I don't drink!

You can tell from the poster that there's some wacky shit going on here. What a great mix, sex and comedy!

This poster seems to be directed toward the theater owners. Just plain weird!

I have to admit that this poster grabs your attention! Hoodlums on the loose, wanted posters, and they're ready to grab!

Hot thrills and warm chills is the phrase of the day around here, and I do believe these ladies can deliver the goods in that department!

Nothing tastier than a smorgasbroad of beautiful babes. I wonder if they deliver.

Hey, photographed in Sexycolor. Probably the best way to get into a nudist camp is to just parachute yer ass in!.. Right?

Wow, 2 years in production, so, you know it's going to be a train wreck! But remember why you're watching it in the first place!

Here's one from the thirties, apparently, she didn't know there were two kinds of love, til it was too late! You'll have to watch this one to know what the Hell they're talking about.

An intimately shocking fun fest, translation, a sex comedy. I mean, look at the cartoon guy, he'd be referred to as a 'kookie' character back in the day.

Lastly we have THE ACID EATERS, time for a ride on the wild side, women and drugs... Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will fill this spot.

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