Saturday, September 10, 2022

MONSTERS - "The Monsters" (1988-1991)

This Saturday Night Special is kind of a part two to my last "Monsters" post but this time we'll highlight the monsters, because Dungeon Hall Of Fame All-Star Dick Smith was the special effects make up consultant on all 72 episodes of this show, and Dick Smith was also an inspiration to us for years, and he wanted every kid to have fun with monster make-up, and that's why there were magazines like this.
This episode called "Pillow Talk" featured two monsters. One of them was a bed that ate people, and the other one lived inside a refrigerator.
I'm not going to give you a whole lot of information on any of these episodes, my sole purpose is to generate interest, because I think this was an interesting show!

This Beast from "Rouse Him Not" was tough to get a decent shot of, because as you can tell, it was very dark, and he was very elusive.

The episode titled "All In A Day's Work" had a couple of cool creatures in it!

"La Strega" featured a real live witch!

"Reaper" featured, well, I guess the title and this picture, pretty much explains it all!
This was Mr. "Mandrake Root" himself!

In "Refugee," the monsters wear trenchcoats and ties!

The "Stressed Environment" has turned this lab rat into a little monster!

"Small Blessings?" You might want to rethink that title.

"The Young And The Headless" is pretty far out there!

Women aren't scared of "The Desireable Alien" because he is an insatiable Satyr.

"A Face For Radio" featured this creepy little guy!

"Hostile Takeover" indeed.
Now go back and look at the women who were in all these episodes, and then realize these were only 21 minute long stories, and you'll realize how good this show really was, at least if you love monsters!
How does a guy overcome having the most common name in the world? 
Make cool monsters!
Dick Smith was born in 1922, and passed away at the age of 92 in 2014.
This image he created for the TV show "Way Out" in 1963 still creeps me out today!
Thanks for the nightmares Mr. Smith!!

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