Saturday, September 24, 2022

A-Go-Go '67 - "Pop Yeh Yeh" (1967)

This Saturday Night Special is all about the music, just like it should be, and a very cool Malaysian film from 1967 titled "A-Go-Go 67."
And the coolest thing about it is, you can watch it in the comfort of your home for free
by just clicking right HERE!! 
"A-Go-Go 67" was made in Singapore, and this video is not in English, but thankfully, and fortunately for me, the whole movie was explained in detail in 2014 on a blog run by musician Todd Stadtman called "Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!" which probably saved me five or six weeks of research!
My job is just to let people know this stuff is out there, and boy is this out there!

It's 1967, and the youth of Malaysia just want to make music!

Some of the older folks just don't get it!

This movie is almost two hours long, and most of it is music featuring all the well known bands of that time like to start with, "Les' Coasters."

Most of these band names I've got figured out, and with some help from SCB, I now know that this group is called The Blue Beats.

This one is a little odd too. I think it's Perrindu. I love the set, they had this real Shindig/Hullabaloo thing going on!

I think this band was D'4 Ever. Some of these groups were just studio musicians, but with different front persons, you know, kind of like in America at the same time.

But you gotta love the band names like The Young Lovers.

The WHO didn't want to "F F F F fade away" in 1965, and neither do the RR YY TT HH MM NN BOYS in 1967.

At least they were still doing steps back then. 
I really hated it when bands stopped kicking in unison!

I've got two pics of this group called The Hornets, because besides the steps, I had to include a shot of the lead singer! What a great name!!

Another great name, The Night Shadows.

It gets a little bit tricky right about here, they break to a pool party, and then come back to this group, and I can't read the name on the drums, but this is another fun "Shindig" type set.

I had to stare at this a long time, but I finally decided the name of this band was The Hooks, which is really another cool name.

A lot of the music is very similar, with a lot of surf guitar/astronauts sounds, but with pop vocals, and it's all pretty good, including this band called The Mods.
Besides the music, there is a story, but who really cares?
Just go enjoy the music, and fast forward through the rest if you want!


SCB said...

I can verify some of the names. There are clues in the opening credits if you watch carefully. Blue Beats, not Blue B3. You are correct about The Hooks and D’4 Ever. I’m still working on the P name.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanks for the help with this puzzle. I'll fix Blue Beats

SCB said...

OK, so as far as the P name, I can’t determine, but the song is called Sepuluh Budak Hiram by Puan Sri Saloma & Aziz Jaafar. The wording on the drum might just be the name of the manufacturer.

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