Saturday, September 3, 2022

MONSTERS - "The Moving Finger" (1991)

What the heck? It's time for another Saturday Night Special already? Let's just go with the flow!
After three seasons, "The Moving Finger" was the last episode of "Monsters," so I guess they decided to just let it go, because this is one bizarre episode. If this had been the first episode, there would probably never have been a second one, it's that bloody weird!

Being a Stephen King Story is not going to make it any more normal!

What a happy couple! Just by looking, it's obvious they are made for each other.

This is damn near a one-man show starring Tom (12 Monkeys) Noonan as Howard Mitla. At 6'5" Tom was used to doing a show all by himself. His wife was played by Alice (The Lost Saucer) Playten. Tom is still around but hasn't had any credits since 2018 (Tall guys are hard to cast and keep in frame) and Alice passed away in 2011.

A finger in the bathroom sink drain. Let's just take a moment to contemplate this subject..
Freakin' Gross!

Maybe it's just a plumbing problem!

Industrial Strength drain cleaner DISSOOLV-O should do the trick!

It appears the problem is a little deeper than that!

Might need to call "Roto-Rooter" or Lord Litter to discuss this mess!

Now it's starting to get serious!

This has gone far enough, now it's time to break out the big guns!

What kind of finger can put up with a hedge trimmer onslaught?
It isn't even the middle finger!

If Howard Mitla ever had a mind, he's totally lost it by this time!

It's the last episode, so might as well let it rip!!

Thank goodness a cop finally arrives to put an end to this madness!

Unfortunately most hands have more than one finger!

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