Monday, September 5, 2022

13 GHOSTS / William Castle's 3-D Movie - 1960

Here's a small treat for us, here at the Dungeon. We realized we never did a full post of this classic movie from William Castle, so, what it is Dr. Bro! Eegah!! and I saw this fun movie in 1960 and had great time with the free 3-D glasses, which we saved for years until we sold them a few years back. This is a movie we really liked.

It stars Donald Woods as Cyrus Zorba, Rosemary DeCamp as his wife Hilda, Charles Herbert as his son Buck, Jo Morrow as his daughter Medea, Martin Milner as their lawyer Ben, and Margaret (Wicked Witch of the West in THE WIZARD OF OZ) Hamilton as their housekeeper Elaine.

Cyrus gets a telegram late at night by a creepy little messenger, played by David (the Spirit of the Inner Sanctum) Hoffman.

Cyrus is read the will that states the Zorba family will inherit their late uncle's estate, and is handed a mysterious sealed package which he takes with him to their new residence. Inside the package is a special pair of glasses that will allow him to see the ghosts.

Wow, what an interesting house, love these places!

The first night there, they pull out a Ouija board, and find out someone there will die at the hands of the ghosts!

Cyrus puts the glasses on and enters a lab full of ghosts and gets attacked by a swirling ring of fire. And the door is locked!

They ask Elaine to tell them the history of the old mansion, she explains the situation with the ghosts and tells them they are in danger...

Buck tries his luck with the ghosts and puts the glasses on. He sees a big lion and a headless lion tamer, who seems to be looking for his head!

After sliding down the bannister, Buck find two one hundred bills on the floor. Ben just walks in and wants to know all about money, and comes up with a devious plan to find the fortune and keep it for himself. He convinces Buck that they should keep it all a secret between him and himself, they can tell his parents after they find the rest of the money. Buck buys it.

The night the Zorba's are to vacate the residence the next morning (because of their concern of danger) they hold a séance with Elaine to see if they can get some answers from the spirits. They make contact with their uncle, DR. Zorba, who melds himself with Cyrus.

In the meantime, Ben has taken Buck to a special room that has a bed that suffocates the sleeper. Ben puts Buck on the bed and the top starts slowly closing in on the boy.

Suddenly, some smoke  comes through a vent, shocking Ben.

Out of the smoke comes the super creepy Dr. Zorba with murder on his mind

Buck wakes up and runs to a safe spot while Zorba's ghost pulls Ben to the bed and holds him there until the deed is done. The ghost then disappears.

Yes, the family finds the fortune and will stay there for good as Buck tries to scare his mom with Ben's mask of Dr. Zorba. Elaine assures the family that the ghosts have left the house for good!

But then she says... They'll be back!

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knobgobbler said...

A favorite of mine!
Despite being a bit hokey it remains genuinely creepy to me... and more mysterious/eerie than the remake (which is also fun in its way).

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