Saturday, July 16, 2022

SUCK - "Vampires Rock" (2009)

This Saturday Night Special sucked, but I liked it!
Sometimes they are hard to find, but this is a real rock and roll movie!

"SUCK" is about an ordinary but pretty good rock and roll band trying to make it. Ironically their name is The Winners, because they are anything but.
Rob Stefaniuk as Joey, the leader of the band, also wrote and directed "SUCK." He also composed and performed a lot of the music.

After a gig, the bass player goes home with this guy, and life will never be the same for The Winners, because she returns a changed person!
Dimitri Coats is the lead singer in a band called The Burning Brides, and is currently producing another rock and roll movie called "Free LSD."

"SUCK" might not be the greatest movie in the world, but it's got lots of fun pop culture and album album cover references like this thrown in here and there.

Jessica Paré is Jennifer, the transformed bass player.

Since 2017, Jessica has been Mandy Ellis on the TV show "SEAL Team."

Here's homage to another great album cover, T-Rex's "Electric Warrior" from 1971.

You can't get much more rock and roll than meeting Alice Cooper at The Crossroads!

"SUCK" is a Canadian film, and there's a great scene where the band gets pulled over at the border by an overzealous security guard, but when he finds out they are in a band, he just lets them go, because he used to be in a band himself.
 I guess so because the border guard was played by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson!

I think a great alternative title for this film would be 

The musician Moby who is a well known vegan and animal activist plays a character named Beef who has a band called The Secretaries Of Steak, and people in the audience throw meat at them!
That's how twisted this movie is!

If this shot looks familiar, it's because it's the same as the cover of The Who's 1979 LP
 "The Kids Are Alright!"

The rock and roll madness doesn't stop there. You've still got Iggy Pop as legendary eccentric Producer Victor!

When Iggy Pop gives you advice about life and rock and roll, why would you not listen to him?

If nothing else,"SUCK" is amazing eye candy and a lot of the effects are pretty dang cool!

The band has now completely gone to the dark side, and they're a lot more popular because of it!

Are they finished with the rock and roll cameos yet? Hell No! Here's Black Flag's Henry Rollins as DJ Rockin' Roger before he gets eaten alive on the air.

I almost forgot about vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing as played by Dungeon Hero Malcolm McDowell. They even inserted a little bit of footage from another fave film "O Lucky Man" in flashback scenes of Eddie Van Helsing's past.

"Vampires Rock!"

Another cool headline was "Vampires Eat Jonas Brothers."

I stumbled on "SUCK" streaming on Amazon. It's pretty funny, the music is great, and there's some great effects. It's not super gory, there's barely any profanity, and it still manages to rock!

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