Friday, July 8, 2022


 Today we gots some examples of great Mexican poster art with a style used in the fifties and sixties, they are colorful with a focus on sexy women, from back in the day when that meant something. The style is unique in the world of poster art. Today, we just use computers to do the thinking for us, which makes up for any lack of talent.

In every case, these movies involved romance, hot women, stupid guys, music and comedy, a formula they used for years, and why not, that's a winning formula. Tin-Tan was in most of them, like in this really nice poster where they're talking about Cats!

Some starred rubber-faced Resortes, looks like this one has to do with cowgirls and lassos (and probably cactus for a laff).

Resortes is back in this hot rumba musical with girls in sexy costumes, and dumb-ass dudes running the show of course.

This time those three gals there are the stars, and I'd bet that they're all on the hunt for guys! That's the other angle with the formula.

Tin-Tan is back in a story about a doctor who is obviously distracted by the beautiful women that come to him for medical help. That poster is indescribable, I'd like to have one. 

This time Tin-Tan goes to Havana, Cuba, for more fun and frolics with scantily clad women and music. Man, that poster is great!

It's fun to throw some ghosts into the mix, which is another well used motif. Love the big intruder on the left eye-balling a gorgeous gal.

Looks like Resortes has his eye on three gals, and you know that route is doomed to fail.

Not quite sure to make of this poster, but, it looks a little kinky. Check out the guy at the bottom there behind the bars, possibly her real boyfriend, making for some whacky hilarity.

Great lobby card, but Hey, Tin-Tan! Watch those hands, pal!!

Uh-oh, I think Cupid is going to cause a lot of trouble here! The title refers to loving, adornment, endearment, being warm-hearted and more. Take your pick.

This one has Tin-Tan playing freaking Sinbad, or something. All I know is, man, those are some tight and revealing bikinis there! Along with the skin.

Looks like Tin-Tan is playing some sort of doofus, a guy named Pito-Perez. I wonder if he even gets a girl in this one! So, hope you enjoyed this trip into the past.

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