Monday, July 18, 2022

TERRAHAWKS / "Mind Monster" - 1983

Here's a wild episode from the British TV series by Gerry Anderson and his team of amazing production designers. In this story, two members of the Terrahawks find a glass cabinet of mist floating in space and bring it back to the Hawknest for analysis. Their commander, Dr. 'Tiger' Ninestein, always says... Expect the unexpected!

Zelda, Yung-Star and Cy-Star are Martians who are bent on the destruction of Earth, this time Zelda has come up with a plan to create fear and horrific hallucinations by putting a special mist in a glass case, and sending it to Earth...

Their Martian ship goes into space and flings it towards the blue planet.

Already in space, the Terrahawk ship with Lt. Hiro and Kate encounter the strange object, and have to decide if they want to bring it to the ship and take it to the Terrahawk lab for inspection.

Lt. Hiro ends up sending two robot Zeroids out to bring it back to the ship.

Once in the ship, Kate goes to look at the case and is shocked when a creepy laughing figure appears in the blue mist.

The crew make it back to Earth and descend into a tree that opens up for them, landing just the way Elon Musk's Starship does, cool.

At the Terranest, the case of mist has been taken to the lab, when, Mary gets a strange feeling while working on a landscape painting. She turns her head to find a gruesome monster tearing up her studio and trying to attack her.

I personally hate when this happens. Anyway, Mary calls the others into her room, but it's in perfect condition with everything in its proper place! What's going on around here?

Lt. Hawkeye is searching a cave when he is overcome with a feeling of fear and anxiety.

I love this character, Moid. Moid attacks Hawkeye with fervor and delight.

The Zeroids do not see the menace, they just see Hawkeye acting out as if he were being attacked by some invisible thing.

So, Tiger has a plan to infect himself with the mist. He starts seeing horrific visions of monsters trying to attack him, he's sweating really bad.

You know, sometime that fake fur stuff just looks terrible and falls flat on its face, like here. I mean, it looks like a silly scary stuffed toy on the prowl.

The robots carry out Tiger's orders and drain his brain into a special device.

The final step of the dangerous process involves putting his brain back to its normal state, and of course everything turns out perfectly, duh.

And, the storage device with his infected brain is shot way into space and the bomb on board is detonated. The menacing plot blows up in the Martians' face!

In the meantime, the recording studio is waiting on Kate to do her number for a live recording of her new song (each episode ends with Kate singing a song). But, she can't make it in time. Love that damn building, I want one!

So, they use satellite dishes to connect up and the day is saved, Kate sings her tune, making for a fine happy ending...

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