Friday, July 15, 2022


Today I have for you13 wild and wooly vintage Mexican horror movie posters which includes some of our favorite lucha buddies of course.

We start with THE RETURN OF THE MONSTER from good old 1959, and I have to tell you, wow, this thing is out there. You really have to watch it to appreciate its weirdness!!

Oh boy, here we go, THE RIDERS OF THE SKULLS from 1965 is an episodic movie where our hero goes up against 3 classic monsters in the wackiest fight scenes... EVER!! Recommended.

ROBBERY OF THE THE MUMMIES OF GUANAJUATO from 1972 features a team of luchadores that go up against an evil count and a mad scientist, worth a view just get a gander at their dress duds, talk about style!

From 1964 we have WRESTLING WOMEN vs. THE AZTEC MUMMY, where, our gals go up against a female mummy and her boyfriend, also a mummy. The girls were in an earlier movie, namely, DOCTOR OF DOOM. The male mummy in this one can change into a snake or a bat, making for extra mayhem!

SANTO AND BLUE DEMON vs. THE MONSTERS from 1970 is another insane story, our heroes go against a mad scientist and his army of reanimated monsters. There on the right is the monster, OOK, borrowed from the earlier SHIP OF MONSTERS.

Then we have THE CASTLE OF MUMMIES OF GIANAJUATO that hit the screens in Mexico in 1973, it has 3 wrestling buddies that have to battle a mad scientist, killer dwarves and a horde of re-animated mummies!

In SANTO vs. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN from 1962, Santo has to protect a professor's daughter from vampires intent of kidnapping her and marrying her to the devil! This one is great MST fodder as Mike, Bill and Kevin rip away on it...

From 1959 we have THE MAN AND THE MONSTER, and I have to say, it has one of the goofiest monster makeup jobs in cinema history! That nose!! Anyway, the story's about selling yourself to the devil and the repercussions thereof..

THE AZTEC MUMMY from 1957 was the first in a trilogy of stories about a scientist who uses hypnotic regression to discover a re-animated Aztec Mummy that he's forced to battle with. His friend has a secret, he's actually a masked luchadore named Silver Angel. By the way, you can watch our movie trailer, SILVER ANGEL vs. THE DEATH ZOMBIES, there on the right, Check it out, fun stuff, we recommend it here at The Dungeon!

The 3rd movie in that series is the ultra wacky, THE ROBOT vs. THE AZTEC MUMMY from 1958, must see to believe! A mad doctor builds a human robot to go up against the deadly Aztec Mummy. It's hilarious to watch the mummy destroy the robot at the end, plus the MST gang add to the laughs as they rip away.

In 1966 we have BLUE DEMON vs. THE SATANIC POWER where our guy has to do battle with a re-animated sorcerer from the past whose powers are unearthly. Love the gal there!

SANTO IN THE HOTEL OF DEATH came out in 1963, it's about our hero who's confronted with mystery and mayhem as he has to deal with a psycho on the loose, all taking place in the hotel of death! Love that poster!!

Lastly we have THE SHADOW OF THE BAT from 1968, in it, Blue Demon has to do battle with the former disfigured wrestler called The Bat, who is planning to kidnap a beautiful female singer (shades of The Phantom Of The Opera)... Okay, there you go, 13 classic vintage poster to feast your eyeballs on, later dude...

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