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This Saturday Night Special is a presentation of thirteen of the coolest Woody Woodpecker cartoons because they all tie in with either Science Fiction, or Friction in this case, Horror, and/or other things we like.
I'll start with the newest ones first because the title cards just get cooler the older they are.
"Science Friction" was a story about a mad scientist that Walter Lantz Productions released in 1963.
The voice of the mad scientist was Benny (Antonio Zucchini Salami Gorgonzola dePizza) Rubin, and Grace Stafford did the voice of Woody Woodpecker. Grace was Walter Lantz's wife, and she was also the voice of Woody Woodpecker from 1950 into the 1980's! 
1962 saw them come out with "Rocket Racket."
In this one Daws Butler was the voice of the Gabby Gator.
Over the years Daws has been the voice of almost everybody in the Hanna-Barbera Studios including Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, and Quick-Draw McGraw, just to name a couple.

"Franken-Stymied" came out in 1961.
In this one Daws Butler was the voice of the mad scientist.

Covering all the bases in 1961, they went from Frankenstein to Voodoo!
Daws Butler is back as Gabby Gator again.

Still in 1961 and they had one more movie title to parody!
The art has all been good so far, especially "Franken-Stymied," but now when we drop back down into the 50's you're going to see a big change.
In this one Dal McKennon was the voice of Dirty McNasty. Dallas McKennon has been the voice of Archie and Gumby, just to name two out of hundreds.

Getting a little more exciting with "Woodpecker In The Moon" from 1959.
Dal is back as Professor P. Cosmo Klunk.

Simpler but still effective was "Misguided Missile" from 1958.
Dal is the voice of Dapper Denver Dooley.

I don't know if it was Walter Lantz or Director Paul Smith, but somebody was a little obsessed with the planet Mars. This title card from "Round Trip To Mars" in 1957 was superlative!
Dal is Professor Dingledong.

This title card from the 1956 "Woodpecker From Mars" was not even in the same league.
Dal is an unnamed Professor in this one.

"Witch Crafty" from 1955 was the only one of these that predominately displayed Director Paul J. Smith's name.
Grace Stafford was the voice of Woody as always, and as it was in many cases, she was totally uncredited!

Out of the realm of Sci-Fi and horror, as it is today, wrasslin' was really popular in 1953!
Dal is the voice of Bull Dozer!
This was really the title card that made me want to do this!
From 1952......"Termites From Mars."
Dal was the voice of the Radio Announcer, and Danny Webb did the voices of the Termites. Danny was also an excellent impersonator, and when he worked for Warner Brothers, he did almost all the voices that Mel Blanc didn't do.
I'm wrapping this up with "Destination Meatball" from 1951.
Speaking of Mel Blanc, he did the voice of Woody in the opening title sequence when he says "Guess Who?"
 Lionel (The Bride Wore Crutches) Stander was the voice of Buzz Buzzard in this one!
Thanx to our buddy, and comix artiste extraordinaire Brian J. Riedel for reminding me about Woody's cool adventures!

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