Saturday, July 30, 2022

13 MYSTERIES - "Something Ain't Right In North Cactus City" (2017)

This week's Saturday Night Special is an independent film made in 2017 titled "13 Mysteries."

"13 Mysteries" was written and directed by Julia Noel, and the Executive Producer was Edward Parker Bolman, who has been leaving a lot of informative and interesting comments here lately.
"13 Mysteries" is a lengthy film running a full hour and forty-six minutes, and there is no way I could try and explain it to you in this format. For that matter, I might not even be able to explain it in person over a bottle of wine, so first off I'll just tell you that one of the stars is a telephone!

The phone is in various locations and is plugged into the ground!

Not quite sure what the make and model of this phone are, but I like the modern design!

There's even a phone worshiping cult that lives in a remote cave in Hollywood.

 The mysteries unfold, one by one.

 Edward Parker Bolman is our hero Milton 'The Investigator' Firebrace! While out wandering around in the middle of nowhere, he comes across a phone, and then it starts ringing.
 A voice on other end of the line speaks the olde language, and Milton doesn't understand a word, so he decides it's time to move on the the next mystery.
For security reasons, large portions of this story have been redacted!
So rather than me trying to explain this film, let me tell you about just some of the people involved in this project!

Percival Baird is the flamboyant Mayor of North Cactus City and is played by a gentleman named Buzzsaw!

Dr. Broccoli is played by Teddy (Necromancy) Quinn. Teddy is also a musician and has a recording studio out in the desert!
The talented
Maritza (Night Of The Zomghouls) Brikisak is a character named Elemental.
Comix artiste Carrie McNinch has the role of Number One.

Steve Moramarco is Mayoral candidate Phillip Daird. Steve was the Associate Producer for the film "Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny." 
Another very interesting participant in this project was Janet Housden, the former drummer for the 70's & 80's punk band Red Kross. Janet has the role of Hypatia Spitzenberg, one of the residents of North Cactus City.

There's not enough room here to name the whole cast, and I apologize if I identified anybody incorrectly. The great thing is that you can make your own evaluation and consideration for what's going on here for nothing, by going HERE, where "13 Mysteries" streams for free!
"13 Mysteries" is set in an alternate 1970's, and here's a picture of me in 1970, just in case that explains anything, if not then just beam me back up!

 This is some pretty serious jive, and Milton 'The Investigator' Firebrace just might have gotten in over his head a bit!

It's beautiful how an overexposed black and white picture is still so readily identifiable as a


Edward said...

Oh, thank you for the honor! It wasn't easy to produce a science fiction epic for four thousand dollars; maybe you'll inspire Vorvip Productions to get back to work.

That's a Telkom telephone, from Poland!

Your readers can also check out VREM. It's a parody of Doc Savage, it cost three thousand dollars, and it features the same cast, plus the Spider Baby house.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanks for the opportunity Ed, one thing I'll say for sure, your film looks like a lot more than four thousand dollars was spent on it. I will need to check out "VREM" next. It's not often you see Doc Savage and Spider Baby referenced in the same sentence, so you've piqued my interest.

Rajnish Roy said...

Oustanding post. As a blogger, I used to believe that it is really difficult to be authentic but, your ingenuity in creating this article blew my mind. Thank you so much. Mp4Movies

kd said...

This film looks great! And I loooove me some black and white indie filmmaking!

I saved the link so I can watch this film! After 50+ years of fiddling around with short films, I still haven't made anything longer than 25 minutes. Gort willing, I will make my "magnum opus" film one of these days.

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