Monday, June 6, 2022

THE THREE STOOGES In "Dizzy Detectives" - 1943

Here we go with one wild episode with our favorite guys, the Stooges. In today's adventure, they quit their jobs as carpenters and become policemen, only to go up against some crooks who have a pet gorilla (played by Crash Corrigan) who commits burglaries for them, and keeps away anyone who comes snooping around their antique shop where it's hiding out.

The boys watch as Mr. Dill, the head of the citizens league, demands that the police chief (Bud Jamison) capture the rampaging gorilla, or there will be Hell to pay next election! Love to watch the Stooges as they digest what's going on.

The boys go to Gypsom Good Inc. Antiques after they get a lead. As they look for the pass key to get in (it's in Curly's pocket), a fearsome shape appears through the glass, it opens the door...

After locating the pass key, they turn around and get spooked by the door being open and gingerly enter the room.

The boys only have two guns so Moe and Larry set off the search the place as Curly keeps guard, he sits down in a rocking chair. After missing the cat's tail like 15 times with the rocker, he nails it!

The cat screams out, Curly jumps up and calls for Moe and Larry to come running, he just heard a woman scream.

In a back room, the gorilla takes a female mannequin figure and tosses it on the floor.

While Curly's telling Larry and Moe about the screaming woman, they look down and see the mannequin laying there and jump onto Curly!

This part is actually pretty funny, Curly's hiding under a fur and when he pulls it down to see what's going on, there's a derby stuck on his foot and he thinks it's another person.

After the ape bends the barrels of their guns, they realize that it's really a gorilla, not someone just wearing a gorilla suit.

Here's a rare shot of Curly doing his 'woob' break dance!

Then we find out what's going on, Dill is behind a scheme to make the police chief look bad, win the police chief election, then take over the city using the gorilla to commit robberies!

The boys overhear the men talking and confront them, which leads to a free for all!

Curly donkey kicks this crook into a moose trophy's antlers where he can safely rest.

Dill gets his hands around Curly's throat just before the giant pipe wrench Curly threw ricochets off the wall and conks the bad guy in the noggin, but good! 

Then Moe and Larry think Curly got his head chopped off by a guillotine in the shop, they scream bloody murder after focusing in on the mannequin head laying there, courtesy of the gorilla.

The big ape finds and chugs down a whole bottle of freaking nitroglycerin!

Curly has had enough of the gorilla and charges it with his head down.

And the place blows sky high, Curly picks up the ape's head and it growls at him, and the boys run off, bringing the story to an end...

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