Friday, June 10, 2022


 Today we have a few posters from the beginning of film, and we see the care they took in the frightening graphics they created, almost as important as the movie itself.

There were many movies  about 'The Bat' character, which was based on a stage play. Let's face it, people have liked to be scared since the beginning of film.

The Cat And The Canary was another similar type sneaky murderous character, just putting claws on their gloves make them a feared fiend.

Then there's Nosferatu, don't remember seeing this poster before, pray this vampire thing doesn't come snooping around your place!

I used two different poster from this horror movie, just to get a look at how different the styles are, both are creepy in their own ways.

Boy, Universal had some of the most attractive posters there were. Lon's face in the background is truly a terrifying sight to behold! A real nightmare.

Some of Universal's posters featured elongated figures and wild backgrounds, qualifying them as surreal works of art.

 Universal had a few posters with artwork that would be considered some of the finest in movie history, this scene is stunning. Everyone will want to see it.

The audience must have been aghast when they saw this one at the theater when it came out. Love the crazy buildings, and 'Maria' is simply one of the greatest robot creations, ever, just beautiful. Other favorite robots I dig are Robby and Tobor.

Abstract expressionism affected Germany's style in a number of films, and totally in this crazy roller coaster ride called The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, man!

The Golem is another movie caught up in the expressionist movement, mainly in Europe. I mean, like, just look at that poster!

Here's an intriguing movie called GENUINE, it's about a vampire and has a number of scenes that are expressionist to the hilt, keine scheiss!

Probably the first space opera, astounding sets and a cool rocket set the stage for all the drama, for me, it's boring.

Here a great poster from The Man That Laughs to end the show. Of course he was the original Joker... So, check in tomorrow when Eegah brings on the hurt.

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