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AMERICAN SATAN - "Let Him Burn" (2017)

It's Wicked Wednesday down in The Dungeon and tonight's post strawberry moon extra-special feature is................

......."American Satan!"

Okay, so you can see from the start that there are differences in opinion about where this is going!

The other morning I was watching Gordon Ramsay's show called "Scrambled," that had Rowdy Rhonda Rousey on it, and that one was followed by one that had a gorgeous and funny gal in it by the name of Olivia Culpo.  besides being Miss Universe in 2012, was also an actress, so when I looked on IMDB, I found out that she was in this movie called "American Satan," and that's how we ended up here! The likeness on the record album doesn't do her any justice at all!

At first I didn't even recognize Malcolm McDowell, but after I did, it seemed perfect that he would be playing the Devil tempting a rock and roll band, especially if you've ever seen the movie "Get Crazy!"

So that's it! "American Satan" is your basic 'sell your soul to the Devil' story, and then sit back and see what happens!

You wanna play at "The Whiskey," then you better get out there and sell some tickets!

"American Satan" is a film made by Ash Avildsen about a band called The Relentless. There's a soundtrack album you can buy for the movie, and there's also an album out there by The Relentless, but since there's no real band called The Relentless, it's more like "Cow Pie" by The Masked Marauders!"

The always enjoyable Mark (Sons Of Anarchy) Boone Junior has the role of the big shot record producer Elias!

Ash Avildsen is no stranger to making movies, his Father John G. Avildsen was the Director of some minor movies like "Rocky," and "The Karate Kid," even though apparently they had a zero relationship. Ash Avildsen is also a songwriter responsible for some of the songs in this film, and is also the founder of the primarily Heavy Metal Sumerian Records label, that has bands like my new favourite Starbenders on it!

The lead character in "American Satan," and The Relentless is named Johnny Faust, and is played by Andy Biersack who is a real musician in a real band called Black Veil Brides, who just happen to also be on the Sumerian Records label.

The first half of the movie is pretty good. Johnny's a good guy with a sweet girlfriend and a bunch of goofy band mates. The music is all good too, and then it all goes dark! 

The band gets more and more popular, but more and more bad things also keep happening!

The second part of the film is all sex, drugs, rock and roll, and trouble, lots of trouble!

Olivia Culpo is Johnny's girlfriend named Gretchen. They had a nice love story going until he screws it all up!

The other woman in Johnny's life is Lily Mayflower, the bass player in the band, as played by trans actress Jesse Sullivan.

Just about the time I was getting tired of this film, they threw in Big Time wrassler Bill Goldberg as the band's new road manager Hawk. Multiple Champion Goldberg is the master of moves like the 'Jackhammer,' and the 'Pumphandle Drop.'

The band's life is going up in flames, and at the same time their single is going up the charts!

This movie is crazy! Even though Andy Biersack was a singer with Black Veil Brides, for some reason, they decided to use song vocals for his character by Remington Leith, the lead singer in another Sumerian signed band named Palaye Royale, instead. 

And just as I suspected, Olivia looked great throughout the whole ordeal!
There's also another beauty, Denise Richards as Johnny's Mother, and too many other characters to list, so you're just going to have to watch it for yourself if you want to find out.
You can find "American Satan" streaming all over the place. 
I watched it in all it's glory on this Plex site!
Now I just found out that Ash and company made a spinoff TV show last year called "Paradise City" using many of the same characters, but a different story line, that streams on Amazon Prime for eight episodes! Rock on!!

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