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T-BIRD GANG - 1959

Now here's a pretty good little flick starring John Brinkley as Frank Simmons, Ed Nelson as Alex Hendricks, Tony Miller as Raymond, Pat George as Maria, Coleman Francis as police Captain Prell and Beach (sometimes Beech) Dickerson as Barney, with a small part played by Vic Tayback as a policeman.

An interesting fact about the poster, yeah, that's like a 1958 T-Bird there, the bad guys have like a 1955-7 T-Bird, which looks totally different! Plus, the people in the poster ain't in this film! Now, that's a good one, talk about false advertising.

The story's about a 'high school boy' who tries to figure out who murdered his father, then joins a gang of juvenile delinquents who work for a clever boss.

So, Frank pulls up to where his father is a watchman at a warehouse. His father has been beaten up and tells Frank that someone in a white T-Bird did it, then he dies.

Frank meets with Captain Prell and tells him that someone in a white T-Bird committed the crime. Prell says that it sounds like the Hendricks Gang, but the police can't pin anything on them. Frank asks Prell if he had a picture of Alex Hendricks, he wants to see what the guy looks like, and Prell shows Frank a photo of him.

Frank finds a white T-Bird, checks the registration, and goes into the Knotty Pine restaurant to see if he can identify the guy responsible for killing his dad.

One of the guys working for Hendricks, Boy, tries to start some trouble with Frank for brushing his shoulder when he came in.

Frank ends up knocking out Boy after a big scuffle. So Barney (these guys are not in high school!) comes over and tells Frank that the boss wants to talk to him and buy him a drink.

Remember, Frank doesn't like these people at all, but he's interested in finding out what they're up to. He sits down with them and Frank says he's interested.

Frank goes with Barney and Boy to rob a gas station for his first heist. That's Barney's gorgeous Shoebox with freaking tail fins!! And it sounds totally awesome.

Anyway, the cops show up, Barney and Boy drive off, leaving Frank there, and he's carrying a gun. They take him away.

At the station, Prell tells Frank to either work with him to capture the gang, or, he'll have to charge him with armed robbery! You figure out what Frank chose.

On the next heist, they go into the home of a wealthy couple and use nitrous oxide on them to put them out of commission.

And in the meantime, the crew steals anything of value they can get their hands on.

Raymond is Hendricks' right hand man, a psycho, and also the one that killed Frank's father. At the heist, Raymond saw Boy drop something into his pocket. Raymond takes the jewels out of Boy's pocket and shows them to Alex. Alex tells Raymond to cut Boy, so Raymond pulls his trusty switchblade out with delight.

Frank watches Alex be pretty damn evil as Boy screams from the wound he received. Alex tells the guys to take him to the hospital and just tell them that he had an accident!

Before the next heist, the gang sit back and listen to classical music. Barney picks up his bongos and starts playing along but Alex tells him to cut it out.

Since Frank's not able to make any phone calls, he and the police come up with a plan for Frank to write the address and time on the inside of a match book cover, and as they're passing through the hallway, the cop asks Frank if he has any matches, and Frank tosses them to him. The cop then calls the station with the info, and, viola!

The robbery is a bust and all the gang except Alex, Frank and Raymond get captured by the police. Alex has figured out that Frank was the one who ratted on them, so, they drag him back to the closed restaurant and prepare to kill him. Raymond had gone to do something but came back into the room and listens to Alex talking to Frank.

Frank sees Raymond but Alex is not aware of him standing there. Frank asks Alex some leading questions, and Alex reveals that he's going to be throwing Raymond under the bus and take the rap! Uh-oh!

Raymond breaks a pool cue and stabs Alex in the back a number of times, killing him.

And when Raymond tries to escape, the cops are waiting for him, goodbye you goddamn psycho, see you in Hell. Frank is safe now.

Alex's girlfriend has to say goodbye to her man, there with a pool cue stuck in his back, dead as a doornail... There you go, another tale notched into the old Dungeon wall.

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