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OPERACION 67 - "Agentes Secretos" (1967)

"Operacion 67" or in English, "Operation 67," was Santo's 16th movie! Up to this point Santo had already had to fend off Vampire Women, Zombies, a Strangler twice, Infernal Men, Evil and Diabolical Brains, and even Martians, but he was just getting started!

Santo is a secret agent now, and is joined in this 1967 classic by Jorge (Neutron Traps the Invisible Killers) Rivero as his partner Jorge Rubio. I don't see that Jorge was ever in another Santo movie after this.

Welcome to another Big Time Wrasslin' Wednesday down in The Dungeon!

Here we go, another bunch of jerks with big plans for world domination!

That's quite a sculpture in the Boss's office!

Plates to print new money are going to be transported in this van with these guys on motorcycles guarding the whole operation. There's only one problem, there's at least one or two bad eggs in this group, and the plates are stolen, reproduced and replaced.  Now the government will be the ones unknowingly printing counterfeit bills, and the whole bottom will drop out of the economy!

These thirteen guys are supposed to fan out and spend money like drunken sailors.

Elizabeth Campbell was born in Santa Monica, California, but had a great career in Mexico as a luchadora named Golden Rubi. In this film, she's the beautiful but evil Ruth Taylor.

Why anybody would take this job is beyond me! Each of these thirteen stooges is gifted with a non-removable watch that monitors their every move, and if they screw up, Ruth Taylor can give the order to have their watches self-destruct, which in turn kills the guy wearing it.

Midori Nagashiro gets a lot of on screen time as an exotic dancer, and that's just as much as you're ever going to find out about her. This was Midori's only film appearance.

Jorge is also Santo's tag team partner! 
Jorge is a good lookin' guy, and at the beginning of the film, Santo is just getting ready to take his mask off to prove to his girlfriend that he was handsomer than Jorge, but they get called out on this mission before he can actually do it. He never did remove his mask in public until ten days before he died.

Que es esto? "De Norte a Noreste?"
The plane and it's pilot make a good attempt at putting Santo out of business, but they fail even with guns built into the wings.

Where's a referee when you need one?

Now that's a good idea! Something simple like rigging up this big deal to fall from the ceiling and crush them when they are in the ring! Subtle!

I mean really Ruth, what did you expect?

After that didn't work, they decide to shoot this fancy gun into Santo's house!
Santo can't catch a break!

In hot pursuit, Santo has to scale the side of this building!

Some of it is a bit unfathomable like when Jorge and Ruth Taylor are suddenly in love! She tells him she loves him right before she attempts to blow up a boat he's in! She was looking good on the beach though. 
Now this is pretty weird! According to all reports, Elizabeth Campbell left Mexico to head to New York to work in TV in 1968, and supposedly nobody really knows where she is, or what she's been doing ever since.

Finally is right! Wow! That took a while!

Oh, come on Ruth, it's a little too late for that now, but not for Santo who would go on to fight Dracula, Witches, Mummies, Monsters, Head Hunters and more before passing away in 1983 at the age of 66.


SCB said...

I have named the sculpture “Throngs".

EEGAH!! said...

Sounds good to me!! Glad to know real thinkers read these blog pages!

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