Wednesday, August 18, 2021

WOODY WOODPECKER - "Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker" (1967)

It's a Woody Woodpecker Wednesday in The Dungeon, and a 1967 Cartune from the studios of Walter Lantz called......................
........."Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker!"
 I've been watching a lot of secret agent and spy movies lately, so why not a secret agent cartune too? Cartunes is what Walter Lantz called his cartoons, and he produced 604 of them, so who are we to argue? There's a lot of good ones, but we probably won't ever get around to all of them.

The Villain is this nefarious and dirty character named Louie The Litterbug.

Louie's chronic litterbugging has got the Police in a frenzy, and they are left with no choice!

It's time to call Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker in on the job!

Woody comes racing to the rescue in his Peckermobile!

But Louie can see him coming a mile away, and has got Woody in his sights!

Woody has got all kinds of cool secret agent gadgetry at his disposal like this built in ink pen that sprays Louie with ink. (It was probably a much bigger mess to clean up that Louie's littering!)

Now Woody's going to use this giant pencil and eraser to "rub out" Louie!

And since it's a cartune, it works!

But that doesn't stop Louie, and in no time at all, he's back at it, scattering Litter all over the place!

This is 1967, and Woody has a drone to use! Drones were developed in the 1930's, but radio controlled drones wouldn't come into real use until the 1970's, and the 80's.

Woody also has something akin to an Apple watch! Pretty high tech for a woodpecker!

They do this gag twice, or actually four times. The first time, Louie gets an anvil that he drops off a rooftop dropped onto his own head because he came downstairs too fast, and they thought it was so funny, they decided to do an 'instant replay.'

A minute later, Louie gets this telephone pole dropped on his head, and even though he runs like a mile to get out of the way, he still gets boinked on the head, and again, they do an 'instant replay!'

Louie gets caught in the trash where he belongs!

But Yes, he escapes again! He is incorrigible!

Before he gets caught Louie parts Woody's hair real good with this pistol!

Louie  goes to jail, and Woody ends up in the cell next to him, because the Police gave him a letter, and after he opens it, the dummy tosses it on the ground, and is arrested immediately for littering! 
Boy, would the jails be full today if that still happened!
I'm not a big fan of these 'limited animation' cartoons that came into favor in the 60's. Growing up with the awesome animations of Popeye and Superman, these stylized flat cartoons were quite a disappointment, but if they had some good jokes, gags, and puns like this one, they were still fun!

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