Saturday, August 21, 2021

JAMES BATMAN - "Bistek Tagalog" (1966)

This Saturday Night Special is just that! If you're a fan of the ridiculous, the absurd, and/or the insane, well then this is definitely a movie made to order for you!
"James Batman" is such a blatant rip-off, you could never make a film like this these days, and I'm actually surprised it's not completely banned by everybody! But it's not, so welcome back to what's cookin' tonight in The Dungeon! Sweet, Salty, and Sour!
You want some pancit with that adobo?

This crazy cat named Dolphy plays both a Batman character, and a James Bond character! Mr. Dolphy had 266 acting credits to his name, and parodied everybody from Dracula to Tarazan at one time or another. He also made a handful of movies where he played a character named Agent 1-2-3.
That's the whole story in a nutshell, that and the world has five days to meet The CLAW's demands or everything will be destroyed! 

Before Batman and Robin can go to work, they scarf down a bunch of what looks like some kind of tapsilog breakfast treat.
As you can obviously see, Batman has got some very sophisticated high tech equipment!

James Batman and James Hika are not really on close terms, but they decided to put their differences aside so they can save the world!

The swank Batmobile is a converted old Cadillac, which looks to me to be a 1959.

There's plenty of action in this film, in fact, there's too much! "James Batman" runs a little over an hour and a half, and if it were cut down to about thirty minutes, it would probably be a pretty good movie. There's also a whole lot of non-action that could be cut out that wouldn't be much of a loss!

Although "James Batman" is largely an action/adventure movie, it is also undoubtedly a comedy!
One weird twist, in this film, Batman and Robin are brothers. Robin was played by a guy named Boy Alano. Boy has an amazing 144 credits of his own in films like "Papa Um Mamaw," and "Sandwich Shindig."

I just can't help but think that the blanket on the bed and on the wall, are made of the same fabric as James's suit!

They bring this CLAW girl in, and she hypnotizes the whole room full of guys with her body! In fact, the one guy there is so not paying attention that he sticks his cigarette in his nose of instead of his mouth!

Outlandish as it may seem, they even have a Penguin character!

This gang of Filipino guys is ready to rumble!

James finds a very unlikely place to hide from The Penguin.

I felt exactly the same way for the major portion of this film!

Now this VW van ambulance is pretty cool!

The CLAW is gonna get you, one way or another! No, that's not Debra Harry, but this is!

Then this guy Jimmy or Johnny or whatever his name is, shows up, and helps the guys defeat the CLAW.

Batman is so sneaky!

"James Batman" should not get mixed up with "TheTurkish Batman." It's easy to do since they are both equally insane. Boy, what a double feature that would be!
I did a little trolling around and found out that "James Batman" now plays freely on YouTube, so gather all your batty friends together, have a grand olde time, and figure it all out for yourself, because it makes about as much sense as anything else these days!


Grant said...

I know you've reviewed a few of the Turkish "Kilink" films, but have you ever reviewed "Kilink Soy Ve Oldur" / "Kilink: Strip and Kill"?
If not, it's a pretty wild one.

EEGAH!! said...

Yeah that one's been in the bullpen warming up for quite a while now, thanks for the reminder Grant!

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