Friday, August 13, 2021

ULTRAMAN / "The Rambunctious One From Space" - 1966

Welp, it's Friday the 13th, what's hilarious is that it seems like every day anymore is Friday the 13th. Let's face it, this is one whack time we're stuck in.

So, here's one whack episode from this Toho production to stay the course. Here, a stone has just fallen from the sky, and a group of kids found out that they could wish for something, like a cake, and the stone would turn itself into that!

A girl wishes for a piano, and viola, one appears in the field and all the kids run over to it and admire their handy work. But, someone is watching them!

The Science Patrol has obtained the stone from the children and they take it to a lab to have it analyzed. It turns out that it is part mineral and part plant...

When the scientists have a meeting to explain their findings, the guy who was spying on the children places a small speaker under the desk he's sitting in.

After the meeting, the man goes to his car and orders the rock in the lab to turn into a liquid to get it out of the box it's stored in, then he has it turn into a small rocket and fly into his car for the getaway.

The guy is a total maniac. he screws around with it and eventually has it turn into a monster and lets it roam around in the hotel he's staying at.

It gets into an elevator with a hotel worker delivering a pie to a guest, and this is how it turns out for him!

This guy is at the pool taking pictures of bikini clad girls for a shoot. But when he sees the monster, he drops the camera and goes into a tizzy.

Then the guy orders the monster to grow to giant size, and it collapses the hotel building where the guy's staying.

The Science Patrol shows up and find the man in his room, in a coma from the collapse of the building, and take him to the hospital.

The thing is knocking the crap out of the buildings and the military brings in their special equipment that shoots a ray and it knocks off one of the monster's rotating antenna.

Then the Science Patrol drops a bomb right on the thing's head!

Here's a look at the out of control monster. Wow, scary!

Well, the clock on the wall says that it's time for our hero to change into Ultraman and take care of the berserk invader.

Here are three very cool shots of Ultraman making the monster look like a clown.

Back at the hospital, they finally revive the man and tell him to make the giant monster disappear, it's causing big problems!

And, just like that, the monster changes back into a rock. Ultraman take the plant stone way into space  and lets it go, back from where it came!

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