Friday, August 20, 2021

BEANY AND CECIL In "Beanyland" - 1962

Here's a great little episode from our pals floating around in the Leakin' Lena, it's all about a special trip to the Moon by the gang and a magical place created for the Moon Mice!

After failing with their first Moon rocket, the Cap'n builds another one around their boat and prepare for a trip into space!

Beany and Cecil fasten themselves in with the Cap'n at the helm...

The fuse is lit and the rocket streaks into the void, flattening out the crew due to the extreme G forces, and the fact that it's a Clampett cartoon.

Looks like the conflict has stowed away inside a crate made just for him, DJ you dirty guy! When the Cap'n tells Cecil to drop the anchor, DJ takes the shape of an anchor and Cecil drops him out a hole in the ship and DJ lands on the Moon before the gang does...

And, he's up to no good! He plans on mining the green cheese and selling it back on Earth, and when he's done... THERE WILL BE NO MOON LEFT!! And he'll be rich.

Love this shot of the rocket as Beany follows the Cap'n to where he plants flag, and...

He shows Beany his plan, a map of his proposed Moon attraction, Beanyland, modelled of course after Disneyland. But the names of the the 'lands' have been changed to protect their butts! We have Day After Tomorrow Land, Fantastic Land, Malice In Blunder Land, Slipping Beauty Castle, Madhatter Horn and the Darn Old Duck Pond.

Then, Cecil sings "When You Wish Upon A Moon" and the magic begins! Cap'n turns into a flying fairy and with his wand he sets out to create Beanyland!

Also love this shot of DJ trying to get a gander at what's going on. Hmmm, looks like a little competition!

Beanyland is finished and a bunch of Moon Mice line up to get in...

Everything's going great until DJ sneaks inside dressed up as a big rat! And he's there for one reason, destroy Beanyland!!

It gets insane when DJ commandeers the train that circles the park. Instead of Casey Jr. it's CRAZY JR... Hilarious!

At the submarine ride, DJ launches some torpedoes and sinks the ride.

DJ launches bombs from the top of Crazy Jr. and ends up destroying all the attractions!

But Beany makes a magical wish that makes DJ go Poof!

And Cap'n restores the place back to all its glory! Hope this one makes your day!

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Grant said...

I've never been familiar enough with Beany and Cecil, but my favorite parody name of theirs is "So What" (Snow White).
I've never even seen the cartoon, but I heard that name somewhere and it always stays with me.

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