Friday, August 6, 2021

LOONEY TUNES / Bugs Bunny In "Haredevil Hare" - 1948

This classic cartoon came out when I was just a measly 4 months old, it's directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese, my favorite cartoon team...

It seems that Bugs has 'volunteered' to be the first one to go to the Moon!

Bugs is dragging his feet as the scientists are trying to get him to the ship for the flight. But when they drop a big pile of carrots into the ship...

Bugs makes a b-line to the rocket and gets inside, ready for the wild ride.

This daring soul lights the fuse, and it's... BLAST OFF TIME!

Bugs has to peel himself off the floor as the rocket streaks toward the Moon, and barely misses two comets that come shooting by!

Bugs is totally traumatized by the experience...

Bugs is just starting to enjoy the idea of being alone on the Moon when he gets buzzed by another spaceship out of nowhere!

The ship is an expeditionary force from Mars and a V-16 rocket is deployed out of the bay.

It's Commander X-2 (later known as good old Marvin Martian) and he's simply going to blow up the Earth!

Once Bugs realizes that all the people he knows live on Earth, he swipes the weapon, a Uranium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

K-9 is sent out to retrieve the weapon. The mutt grabs the modulator from Bugs, he then gets into a 'give it back, no I won't, yes you will' shouting match with the wascally wabbit. K-9 ends up giving the modulator back to Bugs after he gets confused, and in a mean way. As Bugs walks away with the weapon in hand, he tells K-9 that he's going to go tell his big brother and then he'll be sorry, yeah!

K-9 gets a swift kick to the rear from the commander!

There's a special delivery from Mars, a brand new modulator, whoopie, what joy!!

Of course it's a setup by Bugs, all he has to do is push that handle down, and!

Ground control checks in with Bugs... Yes, he made it to the Moon. Bugs is asked if he has prepared a statement for everyone back on Earth.

Yeah, get me outta here!!! Ditto!!!

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