Monday, August 16, 2021

THE TWILIGHT ZONE / "Probe 7, Over And Out" - 1963

Here's a little sci-fi tale written by Rod. What's interesting is that the first episode of OUTER LIMITS aired on Sept. 16th 1963 and this one aired on Nov. 29th a few months later. It's possible Rod wrote this one because of the overwhelming popularity of  OUTER LIMITS that The Twilight Zone was now competing with.

The story is about Colonel Cook who has crashed his rocket on a distant planet with no chance of being rescued because America is on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia (not named).

Richard Basehart plays Colonel Cook, he's unable to repair his ship in any manner, and has his right arm in a sling from the crash. He has just had a chat with the General back on Earth (luckily the communication equipment is still working) and it looks like he's stranded there.

The planet is very similar to Earth and Cook's able to breath the air. He leaves the ship and starts calling for anyone near him to come and be greeted by an Earth man! But to no avail.

Back in the ship, the General tells Cook that things look grim on the war front, and if the other guys start anything, we'll retaliate in spades!!

Cook goes outside again and finds a drawing in the sand. What in the heck!

The Colonel starts calling out for whomever made the drawing to come out so that they can meet him. And, he gets a big rock in the face for his effort!

He gets knocked the Hell out!!

When he wakes up in the morning, he sees something or someone sneak into the ship.

He grabs a piece of iron and tells whoever to please come out of the locked compartment. That doesn't work so he says that he's going outside and wait there for them to come out.

Someone comes out of the ship and makes a break for it, but Cook chases them and finds out that it's a woman! After gaining her confidence, Cook finds out that her name is Eve (and his first name is Adam!!). Antoinette Bower plays Eve, I couldn't remember why she looked familiar, until I saw that she was in freaking SUPERBEAST, and a few other horror movies. She was mainly a TV gal.

Now get ready for this... It turns out she is the only person left from a war on her planet and also crash landed her spaceship on this planet! See where this is going?

After he scares her off again, Cook returns to the ship and listens to the last message from Earth. He didn't hear it the first time because he was knocked out all night. Anyway, the General wishes him well, back on Earth, both countries have destroyed each other, so, that's that!

The next day, Eve shows up at the ship, Adam has a bag for collecting food and they both set off exploring the area together! 

They come to a spot with an apple tree...

Eve picks one and hands it to Adam. Well. there you go, a happy ending as you would expect from this great series...


Grant said...

I may not know her from that many things, but one of Antoinette Bower's best roles is in the COLUMBO episode "Negative Reaction." She plays one of the more unpleasant victims, a sort of classic "shrew" wife, and she's very entertaining in her one scene.

This one also has Harold Gould as the man on the radio, and he was always good.

Realm Of Retro said...

Antoinette Bower had a great career in TV / Movies...especially 1960s.

Lost of listings in her IMDB page like Six Million Dollar Man,
Get Smart, Mission Impossible, and she was on Star Trek "Catspaw" as the evil Sylvia who tries to woo Capt. Kirk!
It's a fun read:

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