Wednesday, August 25, 2021

JAPANESE SPIDERMAN - "Dokuro Dan Tai Akuma No Reikyusha" - "Skull Gang Vs. The Devil's Hearse" (1978)

This week's Weird Wednesday presentation is the Japanese version of "Spiderman" from 1978, and take my word for it, it doesn't get much weirder than this!

Okay, we've already done "The Turkish Spiderman" from 1972!

And we've already done "The Italian Spiderman" from 2007, but nothing quite compares to "The Japanese Spiderman" from 1978!

First off, you've got a villain named Professor Monster, it's hard to get much cooler than that!
Professor Monster cruises around in a hearse so as not to attract attention! WTF!?

This episode of "Spiderman" was titled "Skull Gang Vs. The Devil's Hearse."
Now that title alone has got to make you wonder!

That's a VERY old pinball machine!

"Japanese Spiderman" has a very large bracelet on his wrist, and these are the inner workings!

 Krazy kids!

This looks pretty straight forward Spiderman!

But because this is "Japanese Spiderman," he's got a big flying robot buddy!

I couldn't figure out why he has a crease in his forehead!

He's still got good Spidey webcrawler skills!

This Spiderman doesn't have any web controllers, and is left with rope swinging or mighty jumps like this to get by!

The action is fast and furious!

The head of the biker gang was turned into a chameleon machine by Professor Monster and is controlled by his hot mess assistant Amazoness!

Spiderman's big buddy makes sure it's a fair fight!

The chameleon humanoid monster is defeated, and the world is once again a safe place to live!
That's about as good as it gets!

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