Wednesday, November 25, 2015

YARASA ADAM - BEDMEN - The Turkish Batman (1973)

Well, here's a titillating tale for your pre-thanks pleasure! It's called "Yarasa Adam - Bedmen" (or Betmen, one of the two) aka "Turkish Batman," and is as close to being a turkey movie as you're gonna get, on multiple layers! The biggest factor being, a decent copy is near impossible to find, and the one that's free on the internet has not only horrible video quality, but the sound is equally awful, but that's what you get for free these days! At least you can watch it if you really want to, and are looking for cheap thrills!

Where are you going to find this piece of classic trash?
Where else but at The Internet Archive!!

 That's a truly unfortunate handle for Mr. Tulgar!

Well, here they are, Batman and Robin or Bedmen and Robinmen, or Betmen and Robinmen, whatever you want to call them! They're more of a tag team circus act than superheroes, but it all works just the same! I'm not exactly sure why they wear masks, because they take them off in front of people all the time, so it's not to hide their true identities!

"Yarasa Adam - Bedmen" is essentially a soft-core movie about strippers, kidnappers, and murderers, and Batman and Robin's relentless pursuit of the evildoers!

When they are not out protecting the rights of citizens everywhere, Batman and Robin spend a lot of time in the local strip club!

The music throughout this whole thing is uncredited and is mostly a hodgepodge ripoff of whatever the makers could find! There's some John Barry in the title song, some "Time Is Tight" by Booker T., and I'm pretty sure there's some Santana in there too besides who knows what else!  Check out this couple of minutes to see what I mean! 

Bedmen and Bedrobin are very exuberant about their appreciation of all this fine talent!

There are no sub-titles, so unless you speak Turkish, you won't know exactly what's going on, but you don't have to be much of a brain bat to figure it out! There are bad guys killing nude and scantily clad women, and there's Bedmen and Robinmen taking them out one by one!

This is the Turkish version of The Batmobile!

As I stated earlier, this print is horrible, and I spent a lot of time just trying to make these pictures look somewhat presentable!

Never going to pass up a shot of a record player if I don't have to! This looks to be a classic Turkish portable model!

This is victim number 3 or 4, I can't quite remember which! She's just hanging out at home digging some uncredited Booker T. when a bunch of hooligans break in on her!

Thugs breakin' in on half-dressed chicks seems to be the basic modus operandi!

This shot of this tough guy holding this kitten cracks me up for some reason!

Batman and Robin save another fair damsel in distress, and Batman scores again, while Robin gets left holding the empty bag!

Here's the Turkish version of the Bat Phone! I guess he's called Bedmen for a reason!

Time to go back to the strip club again!

Bedmen and Robinmen continue to dig the action! These two are insatiable!

So that's pretty much the way it goes, abduction, fight scene, strip club, kidnapping, strip club, murder, fight scene, strip club, etc. etc. etc!

All the spoils go to the victor, who in this case, is Batman!
After you're full to the brim tomorrow, and if you've got nothing better to do, then check back in for our special Thanksgiving leftovers! Bring your own gravy! Cheers!

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Grant said...

Speaking of swiped music, I don't know many Turkish films firsthand, but one place to look for that is in the "KILINK" movies. One of them actually opens with the famous DRAGNET theme (and even THAT evidently didn't get them into legal trouble).

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