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THE NEW AVENGERS - "The Last Of The Cybernauts...??" (1979)

It's Weird Wednesday time again down in The Dungeon, and what do you know, it's the third and last tale of The Cybernauts. I didn't have the means to do this, and lo, and behold, Lord Litter finds it for me! How that works, I have no clue, but I'm just glad it does!

Twelve years passed before they brought The Cybernauts back for the final appearance, BUT, I'm willing to bet that some day in the future, The Avengers will appear again in some form, and when they do, I'm sure there will be yet another encounter with The Cybernauts.

"The New Avengers" ran for 26 episodes in the late 70's. It had been almost ten years since Patrick Macnee played John Steed, and they passed most of the heavy lifting over to Joanna (Some Girls Do) Lumley as Purdey, and a different male lead, Gareth (Arak in Dr. Who) Hunt as Mike Gambit. Gareth passed away in 2007, and Joanna is still working today.

Purdey is all woman!! The kind that can climb a chain link fence in a dress, kick your butt after she gets over it, and still look gorgeous the whole time. Wikipedia says they were going to originally call her Charley, and that Joanna came up with the name Purdey, which was also the name of a shotgun manufacturer.

Why is this guy standing on John Steed's head you might ask?

The whole room is full of images of John Steed, Gambit and Purdey, and not because this guy is a big fan, instead, it's just the opposite, blaming them for his condition!
Sorry, but it doesn't pay to be a jerk, and it doesn't pay to mess with The Avengers, new or old!

Freakface Felix Kane is the double agent out for revenge! He's not happy!

When things go his way, he has his assistant help him put on his happy face!

Robert (Rentadick) Gillespie as Frank Goff just got out of prison after 10 years, and has been abducted by Felix Kane, because Frank was the guy who built the first Cybernauts for Dr. Armstrong. Felix wants to get the program going again.

But Frank is merely a mechanic to Felix. He was able to get The Cybernauts going again, but Felix wants to move ahead, and for that he needs a scientist, not a mechanic, so he disposes of Frank like a piece of litter tossed out of the car!

The Cybernaut designs didn't improve much in 10 years, but they are still dangerous!

Purdey might be pretty, but she can't spell. She tries to pass 'sighbernort' off as 'cybernaut' in a Scrabble game with Gambit.

Felix reveals his disfigured face, but we don't get to see it now, or ever!

The new Cybernaut is on a tear. They kidnapped a scientist, but he needs some of his highly guarded equipment to do what Felix demands, so they send The Cybernaut out to get it.

This is just a great WTF!? shot!!

Here's the thing about Cybernauts, you can't fight them and win, and you can't shoot them, but pushing them so they drop eight or nine stories is pretty efficient!

Felix doesn't mind losing The Cybernaut, because what he really wants is to become a living Cybernaut himself!

Just like Mrs. Peel, Purdey has a wide variety of outfits that she wears!

It's literally fitting since Joanna was one of the world's leading top models in the swingin' 60's, before becoming an actress.

Felix Kane's style on the other hand is questionable!

Felix and Purdey have quite the battle, when Steed shows up with what I thought was spray paint, and all three Avengers douse Kane, and once again, The Cybernaut comes to a complete halt.

What I thought was paint was actually liquid skin, and that brings us to what I also thought was a strange way to finish off The Cybenauts once and for all!


Secret Squirrel said...

So glad you ended up with a copy of this to review thanks to Lord Litter. I was happy to provide one if you weren't able to get hold of one but I didn't want to leave my e-mail address for all the world to see. It all worked out in the end.

p.s. I quite often freeze frame shows when they have a Scrabble board to see what the stage dresser has put on it. I remember the British TV series "Man About The House" had some quite X-rated words on theirs!

All the best for the Easter break,

Paul from Oz

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Paul! All the same to you!

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