Monday, March 8, 2021

THE FROZEN GHOST / Inner Sanctum #4 - 1945

Here's an Inner Sanctum movie that is a really weird one. Stage mentalist Gregor The Great is infuriated when a drunken member of the audience belittles his act (it's all done with mirrors). Things go wrong and it's downhill from there in this story, and honestly, I don't know what it has to do with ghosts being frozen!

It stars Lon Chaney, Evelyn Ankers, Milburn Stone, Douglass Dumbrille, Martin Kosleck, Elena Verdugo and Tara Birell.

Gregor The Great is on stage with his lovely assistant, The Fascinating Maura, and it's being broadcast on the radio!

One drunken fool (who Gregor tells Maura he'd like to kill!) volunteers to be hypnotized but is giving Gregor a bad time until the mentalist orders the old man to concentrate.

The old bastard falls over dead, the death confirmed by a doctor in the audience.

Gregor is devastated by the death but is cleared of any wrongdoing by Inspector Brandt. The man had a heart condition and it was ruled a heart attack.

Maura, who's Gregor's fiancée, is told that he's calling off the engagement, and, he's retiring from the act because of the death, still convinced he was responsible. She walks out on him.

He ends up staying in the mansion at Valerie Monet's Wax Museum. From now on Gregor wants to be called by his first name, Alex.

Alex immediately bumps heads with the figure artist, Rudi. Rudi's a real weirdo and spends a lot of his time talking to his creations. Next to him is Atilla The Hun, the greatest killer of all time!

Then Alex finds out that Valerie wants him but starts belittling him when he refuses her advances, and next thing you know...

She's fainted and has fallen to the floor after Alex gets angry and wants to kill her with his mental powers. Alex leaves the place.

Valerie has gone missing. Nina, the museum assistant, discovers her boss under a costume and wig, apparently dead.

Rudi is now chasing Nina with a big knife, and she barely gets away after he tosses it and barely misses her.

Then we find out who's running the show, Alex's agent, George Keene. Rudi is actually a discredited doctor, doing all the dirty work for George. Their scheme is to be inheritors of Valerie's estate and holdings.

Valerie is supposedly in an induced coma, but when they check her pulse, they find out that she's actually, dead!! George orders Rudi to burn her body in the incinerator, and also Nina's body, who is also in a comatose state.

George is leaving but runs into Alex and Maura, and boy is he unpleasantly surprised! Alex has George ask questions to Maura after he's put her in a trance, he wants to find out who the killers are. George really doesn't have a choice so he goes along with it.

Maura finally sees the men responsible for the death of Valerie, they are Rudi and George Keene! George kicks Alex in the face and tries to make his escape, but the Inspector was listening outside the door and nabs him.

Maura also saw flames in her vision so Alex runs to the room with the incinerator, and before Rudi can toss Nina into the fire, he falls backwards into it himself. You can see his legs there! Everything turns out fine and there's a happy ending.

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krd said...

Another b-Univeral movie with a title font that's cooler than it deserved.

(I haven't seen the Chaney "Inner Sanctum" films in so long that I can't remember a thing about them.)

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