Monday, March 1, 2021

LOONEY TUNES / "Porky In Egypt" - 1938

This is one of my very favorite Looney Tune gems! When you really tune into it, it is a very surreal trip and kinda creepy at times. Bob Clampett, Norm McCabe, Earnest Gee and Carl Stalling, what the heck in the world could be better than that?! Oh yeah, Mel Blanc does all the voices to boot!! So there you go!!! Go check it out if you know what's good for you...

We start with these cool dudes shooting dice in the alley, c'mon seven-eleven! Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!!

This one was always a good gag, watching a beautiful lady walking down the street...

And kapow!!.. Right in the kisser!

The camel ride tour to see the homes of  the mummy stars is open and the tourists pile onto the 70 foot long camel bus there, and they take off into the desert.

Porky just misses the bus and ends up renting his own camel.

Him and Humpty Bumpty do their best to follow, but...

It's freaking hot in the desert in the middle of the day!! The bottom pic shows what happens to an oasis with palm trees and a pool of cool water.

Humpty Bumpty cannot go on any further and that's when the sun's rays punch him square in the head!

Everything's spinning around when Humpty starts hearing those strange voices talking to him, calling him by his name!

Here, Humpty looks like a Basil Wolverton comic character!

Then, Humpty tells Porky that the camels are coming to save them!

Porky's had a bit too much sun too and sees Humpty in a swimming pool...

After diving head first into the sand, Porky's pulled out by his tail.

So, Humpty runs into a tree trying to get away from the voices and it clears his head, he tells Porky that he's okay now. But the infernal voices return. He picks up Porky and runs into the same tree again! That gag is sooo good!

Humpty high tails it back to the city, and...

He locks all four doors to his room before feeling safe.

Now Porky goes bananas after that kwazy adventure!!

See you again on Wednesday, hang in there!!..

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krd said...

Hangin' in there, bro! Almost ready to walk again without needing my walker, which makes me very happy, and THIS great old LOONEY TUNES toon! Not at all familiar to moi, but I'm gonna haveta find it and watch it...looks and reads to be freakin' HI-LARRY-US!!! ;)

THANKS for the YUKS!!!

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