Wednesday, March 17, 2021

MIGHTY MOUSE - "The Jail Break" (1946)

Tonight's Weird Wednesday Featurette is a pretty cool Mighty Mouse cartoon from 1946 called "The Jail Break."

This is actually a pretty legitimate depicture of Alcatraz Island!
If you're ever in San Francisco, go visit the island, it's a lot cleaner than downtown!

They only housed the worst of the worst including Frankenstein..............

...................And Dracula! I wonder how Universal felt about it!

But here he is, the baddest of the bad, the worst of them all, the incorrigible Bad Bill Bunion!

His trusty steed comes to his rescue, bringing Bill a bagful of guns!

Bill literally shoots his way out of the place!

And makes a dramatic swan dive to freedom!

I'll tell you what, that's one damn fine horse Bill has got!

Not content with just escaping, Bill is so bad he taunts his pursuers too!

Further proof that this is the most evil man on the planet, he steals free food, and.......

............He steals a piggy bank from an innocent baby!

Bill comes up with an even more devious plan!

He rides out onto the field and steals the ball right in the middle of the Army-Navy game!

Well, that's the last straw, and now they send in The Army........

..................The Air Force....................

............and The Navy!!!

But Bill is just too tough! Is there nothing that can stop him??

Oh, yeah, did you almost forget this was a Mighty Mouse cartoon?

This cartoon is seven minutes long, and it's not until after four minutes that they finally bring our hero in. It just shows you how bad that Bill fellow really was!

Mighty Mouse saves the day once again, and returns the retrieved ball, and the game can continue! Thank the Lord for heroes, even small ones!


krd said...

Thank the Lord for heroes, especially in this time when we are surrounded by so many heroes, big and small, everywhere we go. Where would be without them? Bless them all!

--KD, going in for the second vaccine shot in a few days!

Rich Horton said...

Damn. Before Walter Lantz totally gave up the animation ghost in the late '50s and '60s, he & his team were some of the best in the Biz -- and let's not forget those fabulous mini-operas he made in the Forties, like "Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa," which featured great animation, cool '40s-era pop tunes, and the sexiest girls in cartoons.


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