Friday, March 5, 2021

BEANY AND CECIL In "20,000 Little Leaguers Under The Sea" - 1962

Welp, it's Friday and time for another Beany and Cecil adventure, under the sea!

The Captain and Beany are watching the baseball game on their TV while Cecil goes under the sea to watch the game from there...

All the baseball stars are there for the televised event.

Cecil Meets Little Homer, an octopus with real talent.

DJ shows up, he's hunting octopus. Little Homer is tricky so that dirty guy poses as a baseball talent scout representing the San Francisco Giant Squids. All DJ wants is for Little Homer to play ball with him!

Our old villain finds out what it's like playing ball with Little Homer!

Homer tosses a bell bottom ball to DJ...

And he has to chase his head down after getting it knocked off with a bat.

Little Homer tries to put DJ's upside down head back on.

Everything DJ tries backfires!

And when that dirty guy tries to spear the little guy, Cecil steps in to save the day as usual, and put DJ in his place!

It's pitching practice for Little Homer, and old DJ's noggin is the target! It's another happy ending in Beany and Cecil Land...


krd said...

Talk about iconic! Hooray for Beany and Cecil! A long gone pal of mine even had a tattoo on his arm of Cecil (the other arm had a full color tat of "Cuddles" the Paul Blaisdell monster from the movie THE SHE-CREATURE)!

"DJ you dirty guy!"

Unknown said...

Nyah, ahh, ahh! Dishonest John. Iconic.

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