Friday, March 19, 2021

CHILLY WILLY / "The Legend Of Rockabye Point" - 1955

Here's another March Madness Cartoon... This one's directed by Tex Avery and was written by good old Michael Maltese. We all love Chilly Willy.

The Captain of a fishing boat tells us the story of the strange voice you can hear through the fog, someone singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby!"

The tale begins with his ship bringing in a fresh catch of Blue Fin Tuna.

After the ship docks, there's a competition between a polar bear and Chilly Willy to get the fish. No matter what the bear does to get rid of Chilly, the little guy beats him up the plank every time.

Finally the bear gets up the plank before Chilly and he runs into the galley without reading the signs, big mistake!

After the dog is asleep, the bear sneaks into the galley again...

Chilly uses pepper to make the bear sneeze and wake the vicious dog up.

Every time the dog gets woken up, the bear has to sing him 'Rock-A-Bye Baby" which puts him right back to sleep. Then the bear can try to get his hands on those tasty fish again.

Chilly comes up with interesting ways to make noise and confuse the bear. Tex Avery wrote all the gags in this one.

In this attempt, Chilly moves the dog so that the bear trips over it, waking it up of course.

So then Chilly pushes a big anvil off the deck, the bear sees it coming and blocks it from hitting the dog... It even drives him into the floor!

My favorite still.

Chilly sticks a clarinet in the dog's mouth, so the bear runs over with sheet music and plays the lullaby, and when the dog is just asleep, Chilly changes the sheet music to a march or something. 

Finally fed up, the bear grabs a bag full of fish, jumps into a motor boat and lands on a tall iceberg, then climbs all the way to the top.

And when he empties the bag, what do think he finds?..

The Captain finishes by telling us that this has been going on for the last twenty years!

Now old friends, the dog says, could you sing it to me one more time, Charlie...

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Grant said...

I've wanted to fond the title of this one for a long while.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??