Saturday, December 21, 2013

SOME GIRLS DO - Kenrick Pitt (aka Ebony Keyes, aka Lee Vanderbilt) - "But Then Again" (1969)

Well, here's a fun end of the year romp for you, a movie I had been unsuccessfully doing some serious serarchin' for, but with a little help from Bulldog Drummond, I finally found it!!

It's called "Some Girls Do," and shouldn't get confused with a soft-core film made the same year titled "Girls That Do!" The title song was written by Don Black with lyrics by Charles Blackwell, and was sung by Lee Vanderbilt who had quite a few popuar singles in the 60's in the UK! So without further adieu, here's "Some Girls Do!"

"Some Girls Do" starts off in a hurry, and believe me, there's lots of good-lookin' girls, and they're doing lots of bad things............

.......................and a lot of the time, they seem to be really enjoying themselves!!

 Go ahead! Pick one! They're all mindless zombie robots, flesh and blood, with a switch in their neck that will turn them off or on! Every man's dream or every man's nightmare?

All these pretty women wreaking all kinds of havoc all over the place, now just what is going on here anyhow?

Enter Richard Johnson as the inimitable Bulldog Drummond!! His drink of choice is the Bullshot, which is made of vodka and beef broth, with a dash of Worchestershire, Tabasco, salt and pepper, kind of like a Bloody Mary, but you substitute a Bulldog for Mary! Richard was also Bulldog Drummond in "Deadlier Than The Male," and don't forget, he was the Doctor in "Zombi 2!" Richard is still working and was in at least 3 projects this year!

Sydne Rome is the annoying Flicky! She wants to be Bulldog Drummond's assistant, but her aim is not always true, in fact, she's just a little twisted! This was Sydne's first on screen appearance and she's kept working ever since, and this year she appeared in the TV mini-series called "Anna Karénina" as Principesse Scerbàtskaja! Wow, now that's a mouthful!

The honourable Robert (BEAT THE DEVIL, THEATRE OF BLOOD) Morley has the role of Miss Mary!

 "Some Girls Do" just go around looking for trouble!

Some beautiful girls like to get all decked out, sit in trees, and shoot at things!!

Ronnie (COCKTAILS IN THE KITCHEN, NOGGIN THE NOG) Stevens as Peregrine Carruthers, provides the mostly unneeded comedy relief!

Classic portrait of the Bulldog!!

Beba (WOMAN IS A WONDERFUL THING) Loncar as Pandora holds what might look like a transistor radio, but in reality is a sonic disruptor capable of killing!

I could have easily come up with twice as many stills from this movie, it's that much fun to look at most of the time!

The Graham sisters Doris and Dora, as the twin bartenders, were a mild distraction for about 30 seconds!

You know this shot wants to make you see this movie! Between his jump suit, and their shower shoes.....What else could you possibly want?

James (THESE ARE THE DAMNED, THE NANNY) Villiers is Carl Petesen! Yes, they had to ruin the whole thing by having a guy pulling all the strings in the background! Carl hosts a party for his new friends dressed as The Duke of Wellington! The very lovely Israeli born actress Daliah Lavi keeps the movie interesting! Daliah wasn't in all that many movies, but the ones she has been in would make a very nice collection, like THE RETURN OF DR.MABUSE, THE WHIP AND THE BODY, THE DEMON, TEN LITTLE INDIANS, THE SILENCERS, and CASINO ROYALE!

This looks like more of a cast ensemble picture, but it is actually a shot from the film!

More than anything, this movie is just eye candy for spy pervs!

That'll fix 'em, blow the sons a bitchin' bitches to Hell, and that freak leader of theirs too!


Grant said...

To me, that ending you show is one of the best things about the movie, because in some ways it comes out of left field, since Drummond (who's pretty reserved in a lot of the movie) is absolutely ruthless at the end. Not only to the Carl character, but to both of the girls - one of whom he's bedded twice, and one of whom is a comical "ditz"!
So no matter how "escapist" the movie is, that was kind of a brave thing for it to do.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Good observation Grant! I agree! Happy Freakin' Hollandaise!

Grant said...

I hope you had a nice one too.

Grant said...

Again, for such an escapist type spy movie, the ending has a ruthless feeling you wouldn't expect when it comes to the two villainesses. The hero keeps getting in bed with the sophisticated one, and has a lot of scenes with the "dumb blonde" one too, then makes sure they don't escape the explosion! You even see them cowering and whimpering during that scene, so it really goes all-out with the ruthless feeling.

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