Monday, July 13, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES / "Three Missing Links" - 1938

Here's a wild one for today... The boys end up in Africa starring in a jungle adventure with the actress and director. Things go south almost immediately as the boys visit the medicine man.

It all begins here, in the office of B. O. Botswaddle, president of Super Terrific Productions, better fasten your seat belt...

So, the boys are janitors, they show up when B.O. is going over a new movie with his actress and director. On orders to 'keep it down' the guys clatter around as they 'clean.' For example, Curly uses a rake to clean off the desk before he uses a seltzer bottle and squeegee to wash it down! Anywho, they get severely fired before they're hired to star as two cavemen and a gorilla in the movie because of their primitive behavior!!

They arrive in Africa to their location, but the natives that brought the supplies in have disappeared! Wonder why?..

The boys go exploring and come across the medicine man's hut/store, they rush inside to see what's going on in there...

Curly notices that something's cooking in a huge pot. He asks the doc 'what's cooking' and finds out that it's a fat missionary!!

Then, he starts eyeballing Curly, telling him that he would make some great soup!! The boys make a hasty retreat back to the camp.

Curly's having trouble putting up the tent, so Moe holds the stake, that way, Curly can get a good shot at it... What could possibly go wrong?! To me, the funniest thing here is Larry watching the unfolding disaster that's about to take place.

Don't forget about this gag, the lion licking the boys' feet while they sleep...

Okay, so it's time to start shooting the movie, Moe and Larry play the cavemen who are in love with the jungle girl. A real gorilla wanders onto the set but everyone thinks it's Curly, who's getting into costume in his tent.

The director calls 'action' for a scene where the cavemen fight a gorilla. After being hit by Moe and Larry's clubs, the gorilla flattens the boys! The director tells them that they're doing a terrific job!!

Then Curly comes out of the tent and lights a cigar. Moe and Larry figure out that they have been battling a real gorilla and split the scene!

Curly goes to the set and thinks that another actor's trying to get in on the action. After he get's in the ape's face, he ends up on his back!

The angry gorilla chases Curly into a cave but gets a rock broken on his skull and goes down for the count...

The boys end up at the medicine man's place where the ape slips in. As a last resort, Curly offers him some love candy, and after Curly eats some to show that's it's good, he tries to put the make on the gorilla who scampers away into the jungle followed by our Stooge!

Join us again on Wednesday when Eegah!! will conjure up more cool junk for us...

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KD said...

I told a friend who was telling me he was tired and stressed-out (even more than I am) to follow this prescription: watch at least one Three Stooges short film, drink 8 ounces of anything that has no caffeine, and get some sleep for a few hours! The world just has to be a little easier after that!

Woo woo woo! and a he be be be be! (Nyuk nyuk nyuk!)

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