Friday, July 10, 2020

THE EYES OF THE MUMMY / The Eyes Are Alive!! - 1918

Here's a pretty wild movie from 102 years ago! The story goes like this... A woman is kidnapped and held captive in an ancient Egyptian temple by a strange man. She's rescued and flees to England with her new friend, but soon finds that her mysterious captor is still haunting her.

It stars the exotic Pola Negri as the captured woman, her career began in 1914 and ended in 1964 with 69 acting credits and she lived to be 90 years old.

In Egypt, wealthy Brit Albert Wendland goes in search of a beautiful woman he saw roaming in the desert. He buys a horse and sets off to find her.

Albert comes across a temple where a strange man seemingly guards the place.

The man's name is Radu, he shows Albert some of the strange things inside, like this stone carving that has human eyes, a little unnerving for our explorer.

Then, he comes upon a chamber and finds the woman he's looking for, her name is Ma and she want to escape from Radu, who wants her for his personal slave!

Albert and Ma ride away on his horse and when radu finds out, he vows to find her, wherever she is... He goes wandering through the desert and is found by another British explorer who takes him to England to be his servant.

In England now, Ma mesmerizes Albert's friends with her exotic dancing. She gets a contract to dance at the opera and quickly becomes a star.

One night though, Radu (who ends up in the same place in England!) goes to watch her, but, uses his hypnotic will to scuttle the performance. Ma faints and is taken backstage.

She's affected by the ordeal and is having nightmares about Radu...

At the place he's staying, Radu sees a picture of Ma hanging there. He goes into a rage and is now out for blood! And, he knows where she lives!!

Ma senses danger, and sure enough, Radu appears at her window, he breaks the glass and enters her room...

In a fury, Radu seeks to use his knife on her for escaping.

But, he drops her and she falls down the stairs, She remains motionless.

Horrified at what he has done, well, he saves the blade for himself.

Albert comes in to discover that it's too late, Ma has died... We're back tomorrow in this insane moment in time to brighten your day a bit, here, at The Dungeon!!..

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KD said...

This looks interesting! (But the title graphic was obviously put there in more recent times.) In any case, it looks like a cool old film.

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