Wednesday, July 8, 2020

LAVENDER CASTLE - "Interface" (2000)

 This week's Weird Ass Wednesday installment is Episode 8 of Season two of a Gerry Anderson production titled "Lavender Castle" that was on for two seasons in 1999 - 2000.
I could be wrong, but I don't think this kid's show ever aired in the United States.

 "Interface" was the second to last episode of the series.
Each show was only ten minutes long!

Here are the main characters, starting with Captain Thrice and his pal Walking Stick! Check out the third eye in the Captain's nose!

Here's the pilot of the ship known as Roger!

The ship's engineer is named Isambard!

The ship's Doctor is a female named Lyca!

Sir Squeakalot gets the robot role!

And......the navigator is called Sproggle!

Their arch enemy is this character known as Dr. Agon whose goal is to bring darkness to the whole universe!

The overall look of the show is pretty cool!

As the crew flies over this one planet, they find the surface is littered with dead bodies!

Upon closer inspection, the dead bodies turn out to be only paper cutouts used by Dr Agon to lure the the crew down to the surface, so he can ambush them!
Agon then gasses them all, and it leaves only Sqeakalot left to fend for himself!

Dr. Agon's surprise welcome gift is a gigantic remote controlled robot spider creature!

The spider goes right after Sir Squeakalot!

From the looks of that posterior, this must be a poisonous robot spider!

Squeakalot might be small, but his intelligence enables him to win the battle!
Too bad everybody else slept through the whole ordeal, and he doesn't even get the credit he deserves, but that's just the way it goes, isn't it?


KD said...

Well isn't this just sooo precious!? lol

KD said...

Sorry, I meant nothing derogatory by that, but...but it does look and sound what the Brits might call "twee," yes?

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