Monday, July 6, 2020

HAMMER HOUSE OF HORROR / "The Children Of The Full Moon" - 1980

Here's a spooky story from those Hammer Guys... In this tale, a married couple are on vacation when their car breaks down and are lost in the woods looking for help. They stumble upon a creepy old mansion where an elderly women lives with her very unusual children.

Tom and Sarah are driving through the woods when their BMW breaks down. They decide to seek help by walking down a road to see where it leads, and low and behold, they come across an old mansion...

An overly polite Mrs. Ardoy (Diana Dors) greets them and welcome them inside to use the phone. Sarah notices all the strange children there, and they're attracted to her. Now, what's going on around here?

After a few thrills, Tom and Sarah have to spend the night at the mansion. Tom was attacked by an animal outside in dark earlier and doesn't buy the story that it was a stag by Mrs. Ardoy.

And after a few moments, the stupid stag story is thrown out the window!..

Tom climbs out the window and tries to go down the drain pipe to find help. In the meantime, Sarah is in the room by herself when she gets an unwelcome visit from a werewolf, with the merry consent of Mrs. Ardoy, who then closes the door.

Tom hears Sarah's screams and tries to get back up to the room, but unfortunately falls and wakes up in a hospital. Sarah tells him that it was just a dream caused by his concussion...

Then, Sarah starts acting like a royal bitch towards Tom! And eats a lot of meat.

Sarah disappears from their house so Tom decides to see if it was all a dream, or did it really happen? As he look around in the woods, a big guy appears and ax Tom if he can help him.

Sarah has packed her bag and gone to the mansion, and something's happening!

The guy's giving Tom the runaround, but when he mentions werewolves, the guy comes out of his shell... And in the end, poor Tom gets the ax!!

Sarah has just given birth to a baby boy wolf, and now that her job is over, time to put a sheet over this post... Join us again Wednesday for more terror, here at The Dungeon!!..

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